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{Innocent Lies} I Told My Girlfriend Today

What starts with lying on the couch quickly turns to lying about NOT being on the couch. We all tell innocent little lies. The web grows bigger and bigger.

Josh Bard
November 24, 2017
Lifestyle, Prompts
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So You {Lied} About Seeing STAR WARS…

With ROGUE ONE in theaters it’s time for all fibbers to come forth…or read this simple guide and keep on lying: may the choice be with you.

Jessie Rosen
January 16, 2017
Pop Culture, Prompts
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An Incomplete and Growing List of {Lies I Told This Year}

I’ve told lies this year. Some of these are big and personal. Some of these are small and harmless. But it’s time to come clean. These are my confessions.

Gordon St. Raus
January 12, 2017
Prompts, Wildcard
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{Lies} My Father, a Theoretical Physicist, Told Me

You believed in science. You believed in your dad. And now, your dad the physicist is busting some science myths he helped create. Is nothing sacred?

Jesse Stone
January 11, 2017
Prompts, Science
helen keller
helen keller

Helen Keller: {The Greatest Liar} in American History?

Helen Keller’s life is by any measure miraculous. An activist. A leader. A prolific author. But what if she’s just a big, honking liar? Hot take!

Jack O'Shea
January 9, 2017
Pop Culture, Prompts
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Accepting Submissions: {Lying} Prompt

So we turn to you, you pretty little liars. Tell us lies, tell us sweet little lies. Send us your 400-700 words inspired by or dealing with LYING.

The Prompt Staff
January 8, 2017
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