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Does this Prompt make our butt look big? It’s OK, we want you to lie to us this week.

There are all sorts of lies, just like there are all sorts of people (liars).  Some lies are big, some lies are small. Some lies are for good, while others are downright malicious. Some are important and some are quite trivial.

Often we lie to others, but sometimes we lie to ourselves. And sometimes, lies aren’t actually lies until way after they are said.

And this is where we find ourselves, juggling lies in all of their sizes and shapes. This is the role we were born to play… because, really, lies are words, and that’s what we do here.

So we turn to you, you pretty little liars. Tell us lies, tell us sweet little lies. We are looking for lies and the lying liars who tell them. Send us your 400-700 words inspired by or dealing with LYING.

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