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The benefit of Swift Love

is that it arrives as a

Whisper on the breath

of the early morning

When you suddenly know

“Yes! I adore them!”

Archways to your heart

open, yawning, in tandem

As you walk through,

Pause and acknowledge

The promise of a new tomorrow

wrapped in the dreams,

From today onwards, as

Swift Love is only going

to hint at its endurance.

Sometimes this love

can melt with the heat,

passion blazing – then

cold and ashen as it

comes to a close.

However, patiently tended,

with proper care, the

Flame will occasionally

Blaze on into infinity.

V. Buritsch

A freelancer, fiction writer, podcast listener, fantasy reader who sometimes remembers to write for herself on occasion. She has a BA in English and Management, and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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