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That’s Debatable Podcast: The Devil and Robbie Mook (Episode 31)

Cali and Dave chat POTUS’ attempt to tomahawk his way to popularity and a new book reporting on the carnival of incompetence that was the Clinton campaign.

That's Debatable
April 21, 2017
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How the {Obama Years} Changed Everything and Nothing About America

For many, especially in the black community, Obama’s legacy is bittersweet. A heartfelt response to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ piece, “My President Was Black.”

Monica McNutt
April 13, 2017
mar a lago
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That’s Debatable Podcast: Meet Me at Mar-A-Lago (Episode 30)

Reminiscing about the elegant collapse of Trumpcare. Ah, memories. But now what?  Cali and Dave talk foreign policy and turmoil in the West Wing.

That's Debatable
April 7, 2017
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I Don’t Hate You All the Time: Time for the Resistance to Grow Up

The resistance pushes back against the president, HARD. But if the goal is progress, it’s time to make some changes. Here’s how the resistance can mature.

Jared Hutchinson
March 28, 2017
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That’s Debatable Podcast: He Must Be Doing Alright Or Else He Wouldn’t Be President (Episode 29)

The guys rate the likelihood that the Health Bill, Gorsuch nomination, and possibly impeachable relations with Russia will sink our tiny-handed president.

That's Debatable
March 24, 2017
weird week collage
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That’s Debatable Podcast: Forget It Warren, It’s Moonlight (Episode 28)

What a weird week. Russian contacts! Sessions recusal! Wiretap madness! BONUS: FOTP Jeff Sneider gives the inside scoop on Oscars Best Picture mayhem.

That's Debatable
March 8, 2017
punch a nazi 2
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A Biblical Take on Punching Nazis

If anyone deserves a punch in the face, it is almost certainly Alt-right d-bag Richard Spencer. But in a civil society, is punching Nazis ever OK?

Scott Snowman
February 20, 2017
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That’s Debatable Podcast: Just a Couple Guys Talkin’ Politics (Episode 26)

Boy, could we all use a little banter and pontificating. Cali and Dave get back to basics and discuss the real-time implosion of the Trump administration.

That's Debatable
February 17, 2017
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Activism: The Attendance Policy Is Now In Effect

What are YOU doing for the cause? You don’t have to march, but you DO have to do something. Often. The activism attendance policy is now in effect.

Kelaine Conochan
January 30, 2017
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