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You’ve never seen fewer split ends. You’ve never seen a truer black. You’ve never seen thicker, healthier hair. It’s truly not possible. Sani has the No. 1 top spot because her hair is utterly perfect. You will not change my mind.

If you never took time to notice Sani’s hair, it’s not your fault. Maybe you were distracted because she wears bright colors and has a boisterous voice and smiles even louder than she laughs. Maybe you were trying to figure out what she meant when she said, “Tia” (This is awkward) or “I’m thinking of two ‘tizers” (I’m ordering two appetizers instead of an entree) or “Morneeeeeeng!” (it’s 5 A.M. and I’m already up and about!).

The point is, the Hollywood machine may have made you think that dark hair isn’t as exciting as something lighter (looking at you, Sisqo!), but you’ve been sadly misinformed. Because Middle Eastern and Asian hair are perfect, and the rest of us are all just scrambling for second place.

Sani’s take on her hair.

1. In your own words, how would you describe your hair?

Straight, black, thick. Kind of like Jasmine from Aladdin (though not as long) without the cool tiara headband.

2. In general, how do you feel about your hair?

I love it! It may not always do it or look the way I would like, but I wouldn’t want any different color, style, or texture! I have unconditional love for my hair.

3. How did you decide how to (cut, shave, color, and/or style) your hair?

My busy schedule is the decision-maker when it comes to my hair. Thanks to work, I tend to air dry my hair and throw it in a ponytail or lame attempt at a professional top knot (sadly. after watching many YouTube tutorials of how to do a professional bun, it still looks like my 3 year-old niece did my hair).

I have vacillated between short and longer hair throughout my adulthood, often wanting what I don’t have. I am currently in a longer hair phase in preparation for my wedding.

My hair is obstinately straight, refuses to hold shape, and thwarted my attempts of flowy beach waves and curls. But as I have grown older, I have also embraced and come to love my straight hair.

If it’s obstinately straight, then how do you explain THIS?

4. When was your hair at its best, and why?

Actually now. As I have grown older (and my nightlife has diminished, along with hair straightening sessions every weekend), I have been treating my hair better, and I think it shows. I rarely style it with heat and don’t color my hair.

Also, thanks to my dermatologist sister and her education on scalp health, I have graduated to washing it every other day (rather than everyday) to allow more of the natural oils to set in. I think because of all those things, it has been thicker, healthier, and fresher.

5. When was your hair at its worst, and why?

Easily when I was a toddler and rocking the bowl cut. Thick black hair plus bowl shape plus rounded face is no good. Yikes.

6. How long does it take you to do your hair?

It takes about an hour to air dry or 15 minutes to blow dry. Hairstyles take about 5 minutes.

7. How often do you get your hair cut?

Every 3 to 4 months.

8. How does your hair affect your personality or sense of identity?

In some ways, my hair complements my personality. While I am sometimes loud, colorful, and bubbly, my hair is more muted, monochromatic, and subtle.

My hair is typical Middle Eastern hair (dark black, thick, and straight), and that’s one of the reasons I love it. It strengthens that part of my identity and makes me feel closer to my culture.

9. How do you think your hair impacts how other people see you?

I think sometimes when I wear my hair down (versus up/back) people think I am younger than I am… although I have never formally tested that. Excuse me while I go design an experiment to scientifically test this hypothesis.

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