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Universal health care for every citizen

Clean, renewable energy

A robust, sustainable minimum wage for every citizen

Tried and true progressive themes of the 21st century, but well ahead of the curve back in the 80s.

All these revolutionary policies were championed long ago by a would-be political figure that society sadly would never get the chance to fully embrace. A tragic rush to judgment and a rigged judicial system would deny us the leadership of a truly unforgettable American.

Intelligent     Charismatic    Confident    Firmly in Control

A political savior, taken from us far too soon. Ted Bundy.

Handsome, affable, smart as a whip, Ted sure knew how to brilliantly command a courtroom. America watched him courageously defend himself, DNA evidence sketchy at best in those days. And before being unjustly incarcerated by a weaponized judicial system, Ted traveled the country, spreading his hopeful message, reaching out to young women everywhere (in at least seven states, as far as we know).

He might have made a great governor of the State of Washington. Maybe an unforgettable President. But, as we have come to say today, haters gonna hate.

All that talk of serial killing. Necrophilia? FAKE NEWS, as we say today.

Women totally loved this guy. Remember the rallies? The attractive ladies sporting tight white T-shirts:



Ted’s supporters were 100 percent committed.

When polled, most replied that even if he was convicted of those heinous crimes they’d still support him. Maybe just keep female staffers at a safe distance. And when we really need to rein in control of an out-of-control government, who better to have on our side than a guy who knows how to be resourceful… when in doubt, just use zip ties and duct tape!

Above all else, isn’t it the policies that matter most?

And who among us is perfect?

Let’s take a moment and never forget our beloved Ted. At least 36 women and their families never will.

Devin Householder

Devin is passionate about writing, reading and remaining in emotionally harmful relationships with losing sports teams. He suffers quietly (except on Sundays) with his loving wife and daughter in Rhode Island.

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