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My take on Jillian’s hair is entirely personal. I simply cannot be an objective observer reporting facts. I can only convey my experience from the ridiculous sidecar of being her sister.

The truth is that I definitely have little sister envy of Jillian’s hair. Not only is she more daring about coloring, cutting, and styling, but it’s easily twice as thick as mine. Twice as dramatic. Twice as glorious. Up or down, braided or loose, styled or left alone, she just has the better hair.

I miiiiiight edge her out on the natural color—mine being a slightly lighter blonde. But that’s hardly notable. Compared to Jillian’s, my hair is an undersized pipsqueak, just waiting to get asked to the dance.

Jillian’s take on her hair.

1. In your own words, how would you describe your hair?

Well, my mom always called it my ‘crowning glory,’ which, when it’s a greasy mess, I can’t really appreciate… but I have to admit, when compared to other females I’ve shared an Airbnb with, it’s pretty easy to deal with. I never realized that everyone can’t simply wash their hair and then voilà. In conclusion, I thought I hated my hair at times, but have come to realize that would make me an ingrate.

2. In general, how do you feel about your hair?

It can never be long enough or cool enough.

3. How did you decide how to (cut, shave, color, and/or style) your hair?

With the exception of the two times I’ve cut off 10 inches to donate, this is just what I do. I did finally decide to get highlights 2 years ago, after a lifetime of resisting. Without Sun-In, which was more damaging than a salon process, my hair is a very snoozy shade. I decided it wasn’t worth having healthy, virgin hair if the color made me sad exclamation point.

4. When was your hair at its best, and why?

I recently went to bed with sopping wet hair and woke up with voluminous waves. Because the grass is always greener, I loved it.

I woke up like this.

5. When was your hair at its worst, and why?

Once I didn’t use shampoo for 6 weeks to see if it would learn not to require it. *Ron Howard voice* It didn’t.

6. How long does it take you to do your hair?

0 minutes, 4 minutes, or an hour.

7. How often do you get your hair cut?

Once a year.

8. Do you play with your hair?


9. If so, how do you play with it?

I twirl the front section into a small bun, and it stays like that for a little while until it slips out.

10. How does your hair affect your personality or sense of identity?

It helps disguise my flaws.

11. How do you think your hair impacts how other people see you?

A person who favors long hair: You cut a lot off!

A person who favors short hair: Your hair looks good! Really healthy.

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