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We’re were so excited to bring you The Prompt’s own election 2016 live blog! You Sstayed with us, refreshed, and updated to see the running group text of seven unqualified non-analysts as we watched returns, discussed implications, and try not to vomited from our stress and anxiety.

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Kelaine Conochan (7:38 A.M.): It’s raining in D.C. today, which feels tonally appropriate. Well, at least we have each other. And the Constitution.


Kelaine Conochan (1:15 A.M.): I also want to say this. It’s OK to be upset. It’s OK to grieve this. If this election matters to you, if this country matters to you, if the people around you matter to you, it’s OK to feel lost and uncertain. Feel that. Don’t forget that feeling. But also don’t harbor that hatred and anger. Harness it and be productive. Connect with people you don’t understand and try to understand them. I sound like a civics teacher, but it’s so much easier to make allies than fight enemies.


Jared Hutchinson (1:07 A.M.): I root for Muslims, Latinos, and women to feel safe and respected mostly. Whoever does that. Admittedly, as a white man, I have less to lose in any election. Except my faith in the direction of America. But whoever can accomplish that incredibly quixotic goal of making this country less divided, more power to ‘em.


Kelaine Conochan (1:03 A.M.): @Josh I’m glad you asked that. The answer is we root for America. We root for ourselves. There is no “someone” to save us. This is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We get involved. We engage. We care. We fight. We look out for each other. We stay vigilant. And we never ever give up.


Erin Vail (1:02 A.M.): I’m struggling to find the bright side. And I don’t want to give up hope, yet. Someone, use facts and logic to help boost our spirits? I am focusing on a quote from Revenge of the Sith, a STAR WARS prequel: “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.” HOW DARE TRUMP RUIN MY LOVE OF THE PREQUELS?


Josh Bard (12:54 A.M.) Time to learn about ourselves. Do we root for Trump to possibly, somehow make our country better? Do we root for catastrophe and for our country but individually to avoid the bad things, so that someone can ride in and save us in 2020?


Erin Vail (12:52 AM): Guys and gals, I’m thankful for the freedom to discuss this tonight. I’m thankful to have a voice. But I am so, so saddened by this. I wish this wasn’t happening. I wish I had done more – but, it felt like I argued with everyone? We had all reassured ourselves? Did we get too cocky?


Josh Bard (12:44 A.M.): I know we’re all on edge and saying things because our censors are down. But I am hearing a lot ALL OVER about racism and hatred and cultural/regional differences. I am meanwhile thinking about God. And how the correlation between the Christian religion and the red states are especially strong. As in stronger than it is in blue states. Does that make anyone question the religion and what it enforces? I’m not saying it should, but I wonder if it does (And I fully cop to my own anti-religion biases). Christianity, in this country, will NEVER be blamed for anything, but maybe it’s time we start looking for new answers.


Kelaine Conochan (12:43 A.M.): Watching CNN and Anderson Cooper talking about “hidden enthusiasm for Donald Trump.” That shit is called RACISM and it is called MISOGYNY. Let’s not get cute. Van Jones looks so hurt, so sad, so beaten as he’s talking about a “whitelash” against a changing country. That’s what hurts me the most too.


Gavin Lippman: (12:40 A.M.): @Kelaine -. As an African-American, I’m saddened by the lack of turnout and I’m even more fearful of what happens not only for African-Americans, but also other minorities and immigrants.


Erin Vail: (12:38 A.M.):  This feels like the end of the game last night. Bills down with less than 2 minutes, set up with a chance to win (even though they were down.) but, I hope to GOD Hillary is more triumphant than Buffalo.


Jared Hutchinson (12:38 P.M.): Nothing can make me think that show is funny. Yes, I’m alive.


Kelaine Conochan (12:38 P.M.): If Gavin’s optimism carries the day, we still have a huge divide in this country that we need to address. What does this mean? Am I going to have to watch Big Bang Theory and pretend it’s funny? Are my Muslim friends going to be OK?


Gavin Lippman (12:36 P.M.): Is anybody watching Fox News right now? What do you think is going on over there? A mix of elation heavily mixed with fear?


Gavin Lippman (12:34 P.M.): I’m not giving up hope yet. PA, NH, and MI look like they will come down to the wire. NV was just called for Clinton. Even then, the best case scenario for Democrats right now is a tie, which will take the vote to the House. To your earlier point Josh, I’m curious to see what will happen to FiveThirtyEight, The Upshot, and all of these polling models and prediction tools. Nate Silver got a bunch of props in 2008 and 2012 for his accuracy, but the knives may be out for him now.


Kelaine Conochan (12:34 P.M.): No! Rocking in the middle of the floor, silently contemplating how America thinks that to achieve change, they should vote for a White Supremacist Patriarchy.


Cara Hayes (12:31 A.M.): Have we gone quiet? Everyone rocking in a corner?


Erin Vail (time is a flat circle): Very legit convo that occurred: “Work isn’t gonna matter tomorrow. How far is Mexico? 2 hours?” So…my data plan is gonna be super expensive.


Erin Vail: (12:15 AM): Wait so….The Bills and Sabres will legit never win a championship. CUBS FANS, DRINK THIS IN!!!!!!!


Kelaine Conochan (12:14 P.M.): @Erin – I’m bringing the following to the Purge: an invisibility cloak, a good book, trail mix, and hand grenades.  


Josh Bard (Time doesn’t matter):  Fuck.


Erin Vail (12:04 A.M.): Can JJ Abrams tell us what happens in Star Wars Episode VIII? I just need a little bit of positivity right now. Like… humor as a defense mechanism isn’t happening any more.

It’s just fear.


Kelaine Conochan (12:00 P.M.): Today is officially tomorrow and we’re still awaiting returns. Hillary’s path to the presidency continues to narrow and look bleak. The mood in D.C. right now is just gutted. It’s a combination of disbelief that predictions got it so wrong and that this is what the country we hold dear actually wants.


Erin Vail (11:51 PM): So what’s everyone’s Purge weapon of choice? I’ve got a can of Raid… and a heavy vacuum… and not early enough alcohol. Too dark? I’m starting to go legit dark. The carb high is starting to wear off.


Josh Bard (11:45 PM): This is dire. We’ve seen a lot of comebacks this year. Also a lot of unfortunate demises. 2016 is a fickle bitch. Maybe we need to realize we’re all so insulated. Everyone says they want to move to Canada or wherever. Why don’t we move to Nebraska or Missouri or some shitty state and teach them how to be human being who gives a fuck about others?


Erin Vail (11:42 PM) Domino’s has arrived. We had to get more rum and Jameson. It is so quiet in my apartment, and there are upwards of 20 people here. (My apartment is not built for this, but it is QUIET.) we’re…we’re gonna be OK, right?? Right?!?


Cara Hayes (9:32 PM): I don’t blame the media or Comey. I blame us and our bubbles, and the fact that we pay more attention to reality television than civic education. On a lighter note, John King and Wolf Blitzer are snipping at each other a little, and it’s pretty great.


Gavin Lippman (11:26 P.M.): Also the Canadian Immigration website just crashed. Coincidence, I think not.


Gavin Lippman  (11:24 P.M.): @Kelaine – Supreme Court scares me the most. After all of the landmark legislation that has passed, I can’t imagine what a Trump Supreme Court would look like.

Election results via Google at 11:23 P.M.

Election results via Google at 11:23 P.M.

Kelaine Conochan (11:13 P.M.): How much of responsibility should the media take for this swing? How much should James Comey take? We’re looking at a Congress that might be entirely Republican, and potentially the White House. Think of the Supreme Court nominations at stake. This is truly terrifying.


Erin Vail (11:06 P.M.): People (me) are responding well to the punch. Cheers for Hill when she won CA. We all sighed in relief when she pulled ahead. Still, the mood is tense. We’ve got CNN/NBC/ABC going. Also, we ordered Domino’s, since we got scared we’d run out of food, ‘cause Italian/Irish Catholic guilt is too real. No one has looked up international flights… yet.


Kelaine Conochan (10:55 P.M.): Also, THIS GUY LITERALLY SAID HE GRABS WOMEN BY THE PUSSY. And here we are, watching the Dow Futures drop lower than 9/11. Can’t wait for the 11 P.M. returns. I need that dopamine boost. I need something. Anything.


Josh Bard (10:46 PM): Not sure if this is worth anything but The Detroit Free Press called Michigan for Hillary (on Twitter) a while ago and are standing by their call. @nancykaffer on Twitter just defended their guy who called it. I don’t think any of us will trust it but, maybe that will make you feel better.


Gavin Lippman  (10:43 P.M.): I’ve been keeping my eyes on the race to capture the Senate. Most networks just called the NC Senate race for the incumbent Republican Richard Burr. Even with leads in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Democrats most likely need wins in Nevada, New Hampshire and Missouri to keep the Senate. Control of the Senate is going to be huge for different reasons regardless of who the President is.


Erin Vail (10:39 P.M.): Everyone is HELLA somber though. Food and drink bring people together? But everyone is just checking their phones and sad. Damn. This is scary. Thank you for the love! I would send food if I could apparate, Harry Potter style.


Kelaine Conochan (10:39 P.M.): Stoney’s, the most unpretentious bar in D.C. (plugging my neighborhood spot!), erupted when CNN just called VA for Hillary. So many guys in glasses squinting at the TV right now. So many sensibly dressed women squeezing a little less death-grippy as they clutch their iPhones.


Cara Hayes (10:32 P.M.): @Erin you’ve inspired me. Going to stress eat at the breakfast buffet.


Josh Bard (10:32 P.M.): I don’t believe in jinxes but I also don’t believe in Americans anymore either. @Erin, that looks really nice. I used to feel things.


Erin Vail (10:28 P.M.): ok here goes

strawberries spread punch mac dogs beers

Kelaine Conochan (10:26 P.M.): @Erin. Yes. Literally anything to bring me joy. In related-elated news, MSNBC calling Virginia for Clinton, but still waiting on some other networks.


Erin Vail (10:25 P.M.): Guys wanna see my food spread?


Gavin Lippman  (10:20 P.M.): @Jared When Beck said that Obama “made him a better man” I couldn’t believe it. You can’t make this shit up.


Kelaine Conochan (10:15 P.M.): @Jared – 🙆🏼. Also, Florida being very Florida right now. MSNBC predicting Ohio for Trump. You can keep your trophies, LeBron James. Everywhere you go turns to shit. That’s why Michael Jordan will always be the G.O.A.T.


Jared Hutchinson (10:15 P.M.): How is Glenn Beck the most sensible sounding person on television right now?


Kelaine Conochan (10:14 P.M.): My favorite part of every election in my voter lifetime is watching California and its 55 electoral votes come in and fuck shit up. Batting clean-up like a motherfucker.


Cara Hayes  (10:09 P.M.): Drink orders have started here in Kampala. It is 6:09 A.M.


Josh Bard (10:07 PM): Missouri to Trump (as expected) which means that state is legitimately good for nothing besides Burnt Ends. I may end this night saying bad things about 35 states. I will regret nothing.


Cara Hayes (10:05 PM): This is a really good episode of American Horror Story.


Jared Hutchinson (10:00 P.M.): Apparently, along with a strong showing by intestinal distress is a strong showing by the death penalty. Le sigh.


Gavin Lippman (9:56 P.M.): Hillary has taken a tiny lead in VA w/ 80% of the vote in Arlington, Shirlington, Ballston, and all of those Metro stop NorVa/VRE burbs are going to be huge tonight.


Josh Bard (9:54 PM): So we are all coming from a similar viewpoint on this night. And I just find myself so so so disappointed (like your dad) in so so so many people. Like how could they not see through all the sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc.? How could they be OK voting for their Commander-in-chief who has many sexual assault claims against him? Who says such stupid things? Who takes shortcuts and cheats his way to the top? I’m sure conservatives must think similarly about liberals, but I can’t even comprehend what they would be thinking conversely to me? That I don’t worry about a private server? That I trust a woman? What am I missing?


Cara Hayes (9:52 P.M.): Jubilant yeys here from the hotel bar as Secretary Clinton pulls ahead in VA. God bless you, you Northern Virginia bohemians.


Erin Vail (9:47 P.M.): Hey from traffic. Just called friends and fam in NY, PA, and DC. Is everyone freaking out? @Kelaine I also am trying to validate that all the states called are going how they were supposed to. But all these battleground states are not making things easy. Other question – do I conserve the alcohol in my apartment for later barter purposes, or get drunk tonight?


Kelaine Conochan (9:46 P.M.): I keep telling myself that almost every single one of these “too close to call” states would have to break for Trump for him to win. That his path to victory is that narrow. One of my concerns is something that pollsters were concerned about in 2008 with President Obama’s first election: How many voters are out there who say they’d vote for Hillary, but when it comes time to punch the ballot, they just prefer a white man to be President? Social desirability bias is a real thing. And it’s scary and undetectable before the actual results come out.


Cara Hayes (9:36 P.M.): Contingent here in Kampala is definitely nervous. I was comforted by the Florida light blue on 538 last night, but that doesn’t seem to be bearing out. I was on the phone with my bank last night, and I asked the rep if she had voted and she said no. I don’t get it.


Kelaine Conochan (9:34 P.M.): OK, so seriously. Is this happening? I feel sick. Is everything breaking the wrong way? Anybody have an inside scoop? P.S. – Tom Brady is a boring idiot.


Josh Bard (9:33 P.M.): I like it about as much as I like my Prompt blogging heroes telling me they would rather get Fantasy Football results than election results. So, NOT GREAT. But I don’t demand that they share my views because I am a good American who believes in free speech. I don’t expect my champions on the field to be my champions off of it.


Jared Hutchinson (9:32 P.M.): Josh, how are you coping with your sports heroes supporting pussy-grabbers?



Gavin Lippman (9:26 P.M.) Good evening from the East Bay Prompt Nation, where unlike New England, our local sports hero declared that he’s with her.


Josh Bard (9:20 P.M.): OK so what is interesting, amidst everyone’s fears, is that if Trump wins… Nate Silver and A LOT of prominent poll predictors are going to have to go back to square one and rethink how they do things. I know that’s not a real hopeful sentiment but it is interesting because soooooo many people would be sooooooo wrong here.


Kelaine Conochan (9:20 P.M.): OK, I’m back into Jared again.


Jared Hutchinson (9:19 P.M.): Two different people just messaged me at the same time. One is complaining that “she’s shitting” and the other is “developing ulcers.” Pepto Bismol must be making a killing off this election.

Results via Google at 9:14 P.M.

Results via Google at 9:14 P.M.


Cara Hayes (9:11 P.M.) Do their plurals end in -orum?? Don’t rush to judgment. We’ve got a room of people here in Kampala who are shitting a brick over Florida, by the by.


Jared Hutchinson (9:11 P.M.): Some guy on NBC just described to a room being “filled with Latins.” That can’t be right…right?


Kelaine Conochan (9:07 P.M.): I feel terrible. I would pay probably $750 to have the results right now so I could move on with my life and accept whatever fate is in store for this country I love so much.


Josh Bard (9:00 P.M.): You know what? I’m glad Hillary (we) didn’t win Oklahoma. Fuck Oklahoma. I’m glad Kevin Durant left your dusty ass not so high but very dry. You suck and haven’t ever done anything for our country. #SourGrapesOfWrath


Jared Hutchinson (9:00 P.M.): Got it, too tense for jokes. Someone tell Lauren McMahon I relinquish the brown-nosing suck-up title.


Kelaine Conochan (8:57 P.M.): Guys, I think I might hate Jared.


Jared Hutchinson (8:57 P.M): Zero dollars. I’d much rather spend it on seeing my fantasy football results early.


Kelaine Conochan (8:55 P.M.): @Cara – I agree. Axelrod’s face looks wrong without a moustache, like when my dad accidentally shaved his too much, then looked like Hitler (whoops!) and had to fully commit to removing it. Being a shithead teenager, I told him he looked like an ugly pirate and stormed away.

Another question (to change the subject from my being terrible): How much money would you pay right now to just have these results in hand?


Cara Hayes (8:50 PM): I miss David Axelrod’s mustache.


Erin Vail (8:50 P.M.): I am finally free, but there is an ACCIDENT on the 405. (Classic LA traffic, amiright?!) So, see you in an hour, and hopefully the world doesn’t end before then.


Josh Bard (8:49 P.M.): Not so secret admission: I want an MSNBC in the streets and a FOX News in the sheets.


Jared Hutchinson (8:49 P.M.): EVERYBODY CALM DOWN.


Cara Hayes (8:48 P.M.): Oh for God’s sake. Walter Cronkite. I mean if you want to go back to the END OF TIME.


Kelaine Conochan (8:44 P.M.): You goddamn hipsters.


Jared Hutchinson (8:44 P.M.): Walter Cronkite, RIP. Full disclosure, once met his grandson at a whiskey festival.


Josh Bard (8:36 P.M.): Tim Russert. RIP.


Cara Hayes  (8:32 P.M.): Peter Hamby, formerly CNN now heading up news at Snapchat. Full disclosure – a buddy from college.


Erin Vail (8:30 P.M.): @Kelaine Perd Hapley.


Kelaine Conochan (8:30 P.M.): Next round of polls just closed.

  • Hillary took DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, and VT (44 total electoral votes).
  • Trump took AL, IN, KY, OK, SC, TN, and WV, and is leading with 60 electoral votes.
  • Too close to call in GA, FL, NH, NC, OH, VA.

Question for all my Promptmallows. Who is our most trusted newsperson?


Erin Vail (8:20 P.M.): @Kelaine it’s days like these when I miss DC so goddamn much. @Josh at least I’ll have stamina to outrun Purgers?



Josh Bard (8:19 P.M.): @Erin, there’s no half marathon if the world ends.


Erin Vail (8:16 P.M.): Update, part two: just shoved three Chips Ahoy into my mouth. I have a half marathon this weekend. Whoops?


Kelaine Conochan (8:09 P.M.): @Cara, your dedication to your homeland is inspiring. We hope it’s still here when you want to return. @Erin – re: your office’s behavior. Can’t they just be humans and send you home? How is this seriously not a holiday.


Cara Hayes (8:05 P.M.): Rocking up to the Serena Hotel in Kampala with red and silver Christmas garlands and blue star balloons. This is either going to be a great celebration or an inappropriately decorated Irish wake.


Erin Vail (8:03 P.M.): Update: I am still at work. None of us are working. We are all frantically refreshing everything.


Kelaine Conochan (8:00 P.M.): God, I love the Northeast corridor.


Results via Google at 8:02 P.M.

Josh Bard (7:56 P.M.): Just got to the bar, 4 states decided and there is a lot of tension here. Our color in map looks good. Beers are cold. Now we wait. Also, I’m wearing this dope ass America shirt… what are YOU wearing?


Erin Vail (7:48 P.M.): BUT HOW WILL TOM BRADY AND BILL BELICHICK’S VOTES SWING NEW ENGLAND VOTERS?!? I’m not sorry, I’m bitter about the Bills and I would love to be able to point to this week as the beginning of the end of the Patriot Empire.


Jared Hutchinson (7:47 P.M.): Early double digit leads for Clinton among women voters teaching us all a lesson: bragging about sexually assaulting women is not appealing to the female demographic. Taking notes, Priebus?


Erin Vail (7:44 P.M.): Hi Jillian! Election night menu: chicken wing dip, BBQ meatballs, cheese and crackers, chocolate covered pretzels, red, white, and blue pie, chips and salsa. Also, red rum punch in blue cups. And lots of beer. WE GO HARD. I LOVE EVENT TV!!! Also, another Q: what’s the weirdest outlet you follow that’s been getting political? For me, it’s Teen Vogue, and residual YouTubers I still follow from my old job. Truly bizarre.


Jared Hutchinson (7:40 P.M.): I hope you were “processing” a la Embiid all game, Josh.


Josh Bard (7:37 P.M.): Just finished my basketball game. Showering and ready for the 8 P.M. poll closings. How we doing, America?


Kelaine Conochan (7:36 P.M.): I’m watching CNN, and I think Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper are just so excited to watch Florida go back and forth as precincts report. As if this isn’t what Florida does EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Jared Hutchinson (7:35 P.M.): The live stream on NBC News has seizure-inducing special effects. I’m either really nervous about the election or someone dosed me with LSD. Which is fine, I’d just like know either way.


Jared Hutchinson (7:31 P.M.): Not now, Jillian.


Kelaine Conochan (7:27 P.M.): Jillian says she feels left out. Everyone, say hi to Jillian! 🙋🏼


Billy Hafferty (7:24 P.M.): Speaking of apps – Snapchat had a Trump geofilter in Flagstaff and there were a few other standards. I am a little disappointed as I thought Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would be all over that and would have loved to have seen those caricatures.



Results (via Google) as of 7:24 P.M.

Kelaine Conochan (7:21 P.M.): The ESPN app on my phone has sent me two irrelevant push notifications, so desperately seeking attention. And I’m like, NOT NOW, ESPN. Quit acting like a child!


Jared Hutchinson (7:20 P.M.): Trump already trying to challenge results in Nevada reminds me of when Adam Morrison cried before Gonzaga actually lost the game in the NCAA tournament. There’s gotta be a better analogy for that.


Kelaine Conochan (7:18 P.M.): Honestly, I’m starving but waiting to meet people at a bar to watch the rest of the returns. So, I just ate day old cooked kale with spaghetti sauce on it because I am sad. Erin, cheer us up! What’s on the menu?


Erin Vail: (7:14 P.M): This is my first question: what is everyone eating and drinking right now? I have compiled an extensive menu for our apartment’s watch party but I have to wait another 2 hours for it.


Jared Hutchinson (7:14 P.M.): Let’s all start with something embarrassing. I, for one, am not wearing deodorant. And this is making me sweat.


Billy Hafferty (8:08 P.M.): 2.5x vote multiplier just started here in Arizona. Things are getting out of hand at the final hour.




Kelaine Conochan (7:08 P.M.): Can I start with something embarrassing? I couldn’t figure out what channel to watch. I panicked between Fox News and CNN. I don’t know how much I want to suffer.


Jared Hutchinson (7:08 P.M.): Do….do you wanna talk about it?


Kelaine Conochan (7:06 P.M.): Just us right now, Jared. I feel pretty alone rn tbh.


Jared Hutchinson (7:02 P.M): In the words of Andrew WK, “What doesn’t kill us, only makes us party.”


Kelaine Conochan (7:00 P.M.): Welcome everyone! Are you guys ready to party? And by that, I really mean barf up your lunch/dinner. We’ll be here most of the night, trying not to crumble as returns come in. Hold me!

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