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Right now is not the time to be scared.

Right now, this is being written for those who need to be strong for themselves. This is for those who need to be strong for others. And this is also for the white patriarchal system that believes they’ve won — that believes their sexist racial oppressive hate has finally regained control of this great nation.

They think we’re scared.
These white men, they want us to feel fear right now.
Defeated. Vanquished. Conquered.
They want us to doubt everything, to tear us down rubbish, and convince ourselves that freedom and equality do not exist.

But honestly, right now is not the time to be a deer in headlights. Right now — more than ever—is the time to bite down on your mouth piece, tuck in your chin and brace yourself because we’re going to need go even harder in the paint than ever before. Do not let these results cause you to be dazed, confused, and dejected because that is exactly what these oppressors want.

This election changes nothing.

This isn’t a eulogy, this isn’t an obituary. This a goddamn HYPE session. Look at yourself. Come to terms with this sad truth. Understand the fear and bigotry and male patriarchy that seeded America has grown to optimal ripeness and stepped forth in physical form. Digest this new obstacle, this new test, and DO NOT be phased because there is so much more to be done. So much more to fight.

We’ve already had so much adversity against our culture, so many things grinding every day and every night to tear us down.

Ignite these feelings, these feelings of disgust… and rage… and disappointment. Change them into passionate fury; let it fuel every essence of your being and let it burn your coals into shining diamonds. Our greatness is being questioned, ONCE AGAIN. Our resolve is about to be tested. ONCE AGAIN.

That’s fine. Because what great story doesn’t have a great villain?

So let your heart drum faster and your passion drive you further. Do not let this oppressive society bully your ideologies to a crumble. We’ve been fighting for a long ass time. It’s ingrained in our blood — this isn’t anything new. It’s only going to make us that much better, that much stronger, and that much more dangerous to the capitalist system. This will not drag us apart. Nah. It only creates that much more impenetrable bond of the oppressed. So know this…

We are motivated, we are the Davids to this Goliath. We are the heroes of this story and we are a force that will not be stopped.

Justin Jenkins

I’m a California boy who’s an undergrad at Howard University. I religiously work out, write, and turn up with my squad. #BlackLivesMatter

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