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$$ Breakfast & Brunch, American, Coffee & Tea

Review Highlights –

“Saturdays are the best. No work! Are you kidding me? It’s not my boss’s day or God’s day so it’s the one true day that I can be myself and do the things that are illegal on the other days. FUCK TUESDAYS!”

“The best thing about Saturdays is how every Saturday, no matter how I come into it, I know exactly what I’ll get. That consistency sucks, if it’s Del Taco or something, but I love that sameness when it’s Saturday.”

“I remember when Saturdays used to be better. I guess it’s just hard for some things to keep their quality over time.”

Locations and Hours – 

Sunday – CLOSED

Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – CLOSED

Thursday – CLOSED

Friday – CLOSED

Saturday – 12AM – 11:59PM

Amenities – 

Takes Reservations No                Delivery Yes

Accepts Credit Cards Yes           Parking Free

Good for Kids Yes                         Good for Groups Yes

Ambience Chill                             Noise Level Loud

Alcohol Full Bar                          Good For Happy Hour No

Outdoor Seating Seasonal      Has TV Yes

Recent Reviews – 

NeatZeke33reak – Burlington, VT – 1/14/20 (5 stars) How could anyone not like Saturdays? They are usually the day of the week with the least work. You can sleep late if you want to sleep late, or you can wake up early if you want to do that. Saturday is freedom. Do you read the funnies? Do you like freedom? Would you give freedom 5 stars? Saturday is a 5 star day, and if you don’t agree, then you are not a 5 star person.

QAnonymous – Columbus, OH – 1/4/20 (3 stars) People say Saturday is the best day, but I think it’s overrated. Think about how busy everywhere is on Saturday. Restaurants and movie theaters and pretty much anywhere but church is busy. It’s like, people are such lemmings and don’t realize they can do things on the weekdays. One person says something and then everyone does it. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! We didn’t land on the moon, and Saturdays are not the best days.

ChristineMehane – Milton, WA – 12/21/19 (5 stars) I recommend Saturdays for brunch! You should get some toast and eggs and a nice coffee and put your feet up. When else can you just put your feet up and not be worried about being called lazy by your husband? I would also generally recommend Monday through Friday, but they tend to be more rigid and verbally abusive.

BoogNuts – Biloxi, MS – 11/2/19 (2 stars) My dog died 3 Saturdays ago. It probably wasn’t Saturday’s fault, but I can’t help but get sad every Saturday now. When you think about it, things have a 1 in 7 chance of dying on a Saturday, but really, it doesn’t make it any easier to get over Maxine. Especially when the Mississippi State Bulldogs play every Saturday.

RankingKing – Reno, NV – 10/30/19 – (4 stars) A ranking of the best days of the week: 1) Friday 2) Saturday 3) Thursday 4) Sunday (scary!) 5) Wednesday 6) Pre-Wednesday 7) Post-Sunday

STRDY4BOYZ – Ann Arbor, MI – 10/11/19 (5 stars) Saturdays are for the boys. A whole day where boys can be boys with boys, and chicks can go get lost. If we want to watch sports and drink beers and puke-and-rally, than that’s what we’ll do. If we want to ignore your calls all day and play by a different set of rules, then that’s what we’ll do. If we want to play touch football and see if it escalates into something else and live in the moment and not regret going for it when we’re with the guys, then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll deal with the consequences on Sunday.

AllDust1Place – Gary, IN – 9/17/19 (1 star) Why are people reviewing a day? This is immensely stupid. Have some free will and make Saturday good, if you want Saturday to be good. I would give this 0 stars if I could.

Reggie K Dwight – London, UK – 7/16/73 (5 stars) Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday night’s alright!

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