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Attention ladies!!!!!

Listen up and read carefully plz because there are some IMPORTANT new details about the upcoming Pikes social this weekend (the Pi Kappa Alphas for noobs or anyone not keeping up.)

This social is totally going to kick off Spirit Week and be an amazing way for us to bond as sisters before we kick off Fall recruitment! And the Pikes are TOTALLY going to help us out in a super awesome new fun way.

As most of you who helped plan this social already know, we’re playing “Hot or Not” with the Pikes and if it goes well and we have fun (which we totally will) we’re planning to invite other frats to do this with us later on this year, maybe as a pre-game thing or crush party—we’ll figure that out as we go along.

So here is the playbook!!!!!

The plan is for us to line up against the East wall of their frat house (32 Garfield Street across from the Bagel & Deli). The Pikes will rate each of us (yes, even me!!!!) on a scale of 1-10. This is **purely** just on looks—NOT personalities, and it’s totally just for fun so please nobody go developing an eating disorder or something and come complaining to the Greek Life Council! 😂😂😂

DO: Wear something you don’t mind getting wet. This is not officially a wet t-shirt contest, but I cannot control if or when hoses come out so choose your outfit accordingly!

DO: Shave!!!!! You should be doing this on the daily ANYWAY if you’re not waxing, obvi, but nobody wants to see your natural leg hair. (Looking at you Shannon W!!!)

DO: Wear your best lingerie. Lift and separate is the name of the game!

DON’T: Be a prude. Guys may need to examine you up close and personal to make a fair evaluation so if they ask you to twirl, bend over, lift up your shirt so they can see your abs—just go with it.

DO: Be a good sport! Like, not everyone is going to be a 10 and that’s FINE. This is a campus that respects and honors diversity so we need to fully embrace that.

DO: Wear makeup and perfume, and do your hair. It’s a competition after all! Put in some effort.

DON’T: Cry/roll your eyes/complain. Like I said, it’s all in good fun. Nothing is a bigger boner-crusher than playing the feminist card outside a women’s studies class. If you don’t want to come, don’t show!

So after the ratings, everyone will get a number pinned to the back of their top and girls who are a 5 or below will get free shots for the night (as, like, a consolation prize). So there’s something in it for everyone!!!!! Just don’t get so drunk you become a frat mattress (but if you do, no shame, it’s happened before and will happen again!) Please rsvp to Amanda and MAKE SURE as always to clear your outfit through Hannah (text or snapchat photo is fine.) Let’s have a blast, y’all!!!!

IMPORTANT Reminder!!!!! Neither the National Panhellenic Conference nor any of the 26 member organizations of NPC condone hazing in any form. Each of the 26 member organizations have banned hazing in all of their chapters and have policies in place stating so. The NPC is a proud sponsor of and National Hazing Prevention Week. If you have concerns about hazing, you should speak with the fraternity and sorority life office on your campus. Hazing can be reported anonymously at  1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293).

Jessica Dunton Fidalgo

Jessica is a former stage actor who now has a real paycheck, health care and 2 strapping Yankee kiddoes. She’s lived in NYC, Chicago, and DC but prefers a Maine crabcake above any other.

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