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HBO’s Mare of Easttown is prestige TV’s latest darling. The murder drama starring Kate Winslet as Mare, a no-nonsense homicide detective working out of Easttown, Pennsylvania boasts terrific performances, questionable DelCo accent work, and multiple mysteries to unravel each week. The show also does a fantastic job of bringing the viewer into its small town Pennsylvania setting, with Wawa references, hoagie and cheesesteak mentions, and the constant presence of Yuengling and Rolling Rock brews. In honor of Mare of Easttown’s current popularity, here are some other Pennsylvania based murder shows HBO should greenlight next.

Carol of Hershey

Carol is an up-and-coming FBI hotshot who’s also a native of Hershey, Pennsylvania. She moves back to her hometown when her sister dies and she’s tasked with raising her 5 year-old daughter, Carol’s niece. When people start turning up poisoned from Hershey’s Chocolate, Carol must uncover who’s behind it, so she teams up with her high school ex, who now writes for the local paper. The season finale culminates in a chase through Hershey Park.

Barb of King of Prussia

When Barb witnesses a murder of a local politician in a P.F. Chang’s parking lot, she enters the Witness Protection Program, and gets a new job working security at the King of Prussia Mall. While on the clock, Barb stops teens from shoplifting at Abercrombie and keeps Mall Santas above board. But Barb wants to know more about the case that stuck her in KOP, so she unfurls a conspiracy that climbs to the highest levels of the government.

Pat of Lancaster

Pat is a retired teacher who runs a bed and breakfast outfitted by Amish furniture in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When a string of her fellow former teachers end up dead, Pat must go off the grid and into the Amish community for protection. There, she falls in love with a sexy carpenter. The murderer ends up being her former principal. There are many scenes of Pat roaming the various antique stores and Lancaster outlets.

Anne-Marie of Reading

Anne-Marie is a tough talking deputy from Reading, Pennsylvania. When an explosion at a pretzel factory shakes the city to its core, Anne-Marie sets out to catch the culprit, but a real estate tycoon who is running for mayor has other plans. Anne-Marie goes on a date to the Reading Phillies’ iconic “Gluttony Night,” and there’s a scene where the characters play Monopoly, and talk about how the Reading Railroad is no longer on the board.

Deb of Gettysburg

Deb is a park ranger who works at the battlefields of Gettysburg. When a group of Civil War reenactors is found mutilated on Little Round Top, Deb is caught up in between feuding families whose relationships stretch back to the actual Civil War. Meanwhile, a handsome Abraham Lincoln impersonator that’s new to town romances Deb.

So who do you think murdered Erin, from Pennsylvania, on Mare of Easttown? I feel like it’s gotta be Guy Pearce, right? Let me know your theories on Twitter!

Erin Vail

Erin is the 2003 West Reading Elementary Geography Bee champion, a TV obsessive, and never not thinking about Buffalo sports.

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