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Hi Meghan,

It’s Carly Remer. You might remember me from sitting in front of you in homeroom at Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse. It’s been a super long time, but I’m doing great. Not like as great as an actress on Suits, but pretty good for a certified nail technician.

Anyways, I’ve emailed you a few times to congratulate you on your career as an actress and all that, but I’m sure you’re too busy to write back. Especially now that you’re planning a wedding! But yeah, I assumed that you’d probably have an assistant or something, monitoring your emails. If so, HI ASSISTANT!

lol but anyways, I do have a quick question.

I know you’re getting married next weekend and I was hoping to get in touch before you did to tell you that a) you’re going to be a knockout lol and b) if you happen to have extra seats available to the wedding, I would LOVE to come.

Just didn’t want you to maybe have extra tickets or whatever and then be worried like “oh doubt anyone could even swing the trip… it’s too far to get from LA to England on such short notice” because it’s not even that big of a deal. Funny enough, I actually booked a refundable flight just in case lol. I’m thinking of coming regardless, but I don’t have a place to stay. Do they have Airbnb in England? I had a great experience at one in Palm Springs last November, so I’d definitely try that. lol

Anyways, I don’t even need a plus one or anything. I’m more than happy to just kind of show up and sit quietly in the aisle. I’m not sure if you’re having cameras, but I do take pretty good pictures and would be happy to share them with you or on the Little Red Schoolhouse Facebook page. I keep in pretty good touch with some of the people there, and I’m sure they’d love to see you.

I’m also not a cryer, so don’t think I’ll be up there blubbering and sobbing like a psycho or anything lol. I have just never been to London and think this would be the PERFECT opportunity to come and see what it’s like. I take it you’re an expert by now, so maybe you can send some restaurant recommendations. I know they say the British aren’t great cooks lol!

Anyways, yeah, I would love to come and see you get married off to that Little Prince lol!

I know he’s not so little anymore (glad he grew past that whole Nazi costume phase), but I definitely like that book (LITTLE PRINCE) a lot even though I didn’t fully understand it lol. If it sweetens the pot a bit, I could even maybe do your nails? Like I said, I’m certified (so I can do any style you want—French manicure, acrylics, and even gemstones lol).

Anyways, let me know if you still have tickets. I wouldn’t even need a seat, really, I could just stand in the back. But you’d know I was there because I’d be the happiest one there. Other than you and Harry!!! lol!

Kelaine Conochan

The editor-in-chief of this magazine, who should, in all honesty, be a gym teacher. Don’t sleep on your plucky kid sister.

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