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Listen, man.
I don’t wanna be
that guy, but if you’re
going to make me drive
all the way to the suburbs,
then this shit has gotta be
worth my time. I am not
being a size queen here.
I just want to see.
I know there are
tons of guys in DC
who I bet I can get
to come over today
especially given the
“gifts” I bring to the
table. I sent you my
photos, so I think it’s
only fair that you send
me something similar.
You are totally my type
so I’m very interested
in making this happen
but when you say you
don’t have any of “that
kind” of photos, I call
bullshit. You have a
camera on your phone
like the rest of us do.
So use it. Take one and send
it my way. It’s just suspicious, man.
Why go to all the trouble of chatting with
me when, especially when I’ve been up front
about what I’m looking for, only to balk at such a
simple, and frankly common request? Also, it’s
kinda hypocritical to ask me for dirty pics and
then not send any back. Do unto others,
right? I’m just tired of all the games,
dude. I just wanna hook up.
Why is it     this hard?

Gordon St. Raus

Gordon St. Raus peaked at 15 and is mostly held together by masking tape.

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