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Tired of brainstorming ideas for your holiday card year after year? Simplify this thankless task with Mad Libs! All holiday cards are pretty much the same: a litany of uninteresting, overinflated, and ego-boosting achievements. Use the handy template below and just fill in the blanks—no one will be wiser. Finally, writing your holiday cards can actually be easy and fun!

Dear cherished family and friends,

Greetings from [adjective] and [adjective] [vacation destination], where we are getting some much needed downtime and family time! We love and miss you all and hope you are doing well.

[Four digit number] was an amazing year for the [last name] family! [Relative’s name] might say we had our best year ever.

In February, [first name] won the school Geography Bee, beating fifteen other contestants by correctly answering the following question, “People in the most populous [adjective] country celebrate a festival of [noun] called [proper name] Day to mark the start of the [a holiday] season. Name this country.” (The correct answer is [country].) Over the summer she made a ton of friends at [academic subject] camp, where she took the SATs for fun and scored [number], despite being only ten years old. Given her proficiency, we have decided to skip her ahead from grade 5 to grade [double digit number], as we want to ensure academics remain interesting and challenging for her. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

In July, [first name] led his club [sport] team to victory in the playoffs. His [verb ending in “ing”] continues to frustrate the [plural noun] on the other teams, which has earned him some interest from talent scouts, who are considering him for professional [same sport as above]. Be sure to keep your eyes on him, you are bound to see him in the news before long!

[First name] started a [noun] business which took off like wildfire this year, growing from a few local events to a formal [noun], requiring her to launch a website and hire staff. Her [plural noun] are so popular and have been written up so many times in the local papers, they caught the attention of [television show], which invited her on as a guest in late March. As a result, sales have taken off and she has started to franchise her business. If you are interested in starting your own branch of Gimme Some [Noun], please get in touch! And be sure to follow her on [social media platform].

[First name] continues to run his [noun] business and spends most of his free time volunteering for [charity name] and playing [sport]. This year he won the club championship with three [sport statistical category (plural)] in a single game! He has begun [verb ending in “ing”] a [noun] about [same sport as above] and has secured a [type of media] deal, we will keep you posted when his [noun] is set to release.

How are you all? We hope life has been treating you as well as it’s been treating us. We look forward to receiving your holiday card and hearing about your own adventures and achievements.

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for [four digit number]!

The [plural last name]

Heather Shaff

Heather Shaff is a cyclist, writer, and mom based in Boston. She's fascinated by all things growth, motivation, and learning... and will drop everything for chocolate ice cream.

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