Prompt Images

New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Employee (over the phone)

Key Bank Employee

Optimum Employee

My Mailman

My UPS Driver

The Men at the Moving Company I Hired (from the driveway)

The Couple Who Bought My Couch (masks on)

Tech Recruiter (over Zoom)

My New, Hot Allergist

Weed Store Security Guard

Dairy Queen Cashier

Domino’s Delivery Driver (from my stoop) 

College Boy Next Door Who Just Moved Back In With His Parents

Gas Station Employee Who Helped Me With A Credit Card Issue

COVID Test Administrator

My Airbnb Host (via text)

Fisherman on the Pier Next to My Airbnb

Apple Genius Bar Associate

Tow Truck Driver

Goodwill Employee

My Friend

My Friend’s Husband

My Friend’s Brother

My Sister’s Boyfriend

My Cousin (uh-oh!)

Trader Joe’s Checkout Lady

My Gynocologist (also a lady)

You, the One Reading This, What Are You Doing Next Saturday?

Katie Novotny

Katie is a comedian and copywriter, living in New York to chase her dreams of becoming the official spokeswoman for Bengay.

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