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thank you for coming


after you left

i threw a second party


it wasn’t an elegant affair

it was me singing into my Swiffer

in a ratty t-shirt


it was the glitter

floating in the catch pot

creating a disco

for the dust mites


it was the cat

batting a bottle

left empty and abandoned

in an unfilled corner

by the stair


it was the reminder

that as much fun as we had

i would rather be alone

in my home

with its imperfections

without your comments


it was the silence

and fulfillment

of a fresh cleaned house

that reminded me

to schedule

the next gathering



it was me

finding myself

in the flotsam

left behind

by you

that made me

treasure this

space even more

Christine Veasey

Christine Veasey's first poetry collection “Walking Into Spiderwebs” is available on Amazon in ebook or paperback. In addition to her work on The Prompt, she was recently published in the moonstone press anthology "Disasters of War". She spent over a year living in a tent, observing the romantic and sad absurdities of life. She is currently attempting to reintegrate into society and continues writing.

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