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Can’t Feel My Face (except the left side of my chin… my left, not yours)

Strawberry Fields Forever (or until I sell them to a condo developer)

Never Say Never (whoops just did, so instead gonna try to “seldom say seldom”)

All You Need Is Love (and also air, water, food, shelter… but love for sure is on the list, okay?)

Only Happy When It Rains (although hail is pretty good too)

Because The Night (and also some other mitigating factors)

I’m A Believer (or at least an agnostic)

No Scrubs (trace amounts of scrubs are okay, but they shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye)

Let’s Get It On (unless you don’t feel like it, in which case… raincheck?)

Paint It Black (or maybe a soft greige?)

…Baby One More Time (twice tops)

Nothing Compares 2 U (but if something did, it’d be N, obviously)

Tiny Dancer (certainly smallish anyway)

Nuthin’ But A G Thang (with maybe a pinch of H)

I Will Always Love You (although what is love really?)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (I’m almost sure of it because this time just feels different)

Karen Gilmore

Karen Gilmore is a writer from Canada. She loves black jellybeans and scented magic markers and dislikes the name Karen as much as you do.

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