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In celebration of some of the creative faces and voices of the LGBTQ+ community, we wanted to throw our own internet-based Pride Parade. The next float up is full of gorgeous drag queens, glammed up and hamming it up for the crowd. So we asked our writers: would you please introduce us to your drag queen persona?

Dennis William

I found mine the way all the best drag names are found: in a parking lot.

Cascade Radon, from parts unknown, glows with an energy you can’t quite put your finger on.

David Leipziger

That bitch? Oh, that’s Tequila Mockingbird Esq.

Because she’s fabulous—but she’s educated.

She’s also known to ball out in a ball gown;

And she’ll spread a defense faster than thrush on a Pride cruise.

Legend has it she invented the slut drop:

as an uninvited panelist at a law conference in the Hague.

So, take a knee Boo Radley;

Mz Mockingbird can defend herself.


Jillian Conochan

Call me Hurricane Flossy, because like the 1956 weather event, I too begin my tropical depression szn late September and impose damages nearly everywhere I touch down. My signature spin move, the extratropical cyclone, whips up winds that blow haters’ signs right off their yardsticks. Boo hoo, losers; go call your insurance adjuster somewhere else.

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Eric Mochnacz

As a gay man, I’m used to seeing random signs or hearing certain phrases and responding either “That was my nickname in high school” or “That’d be a great drag name.”  So, my growing list of potential drag names –

  • Paige Turner (because I love to read)
  • Linzey Tart (my favorite cookie – this shit writes itself)
  • Velveeta Packandplay (two random words that just roll off the tongue)
  • Porkbelly Rodriguez
  • Dusty Data
  • Hellen Greene (but I only sing “Suddenly, Seymour”, “Skidrow” and “Somewhere that’s Green”, obvi…)

And although we’re all having fun here with this mini-Prompt, a friendly reminder that Drag is art.  Drag is beautiful.  Drag is not a crime.

Kelaine Conochan

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my dear. They call me Ms. NoNo Piccadilly.

One-third Posh Spice, one-third Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and one-third Paul Hollywood—but I won’t tell you which third is which because I am 100 percent lady. Hailing from Westminster, London, you’ll find my sharp collars and tongue softened by my poise and proficiency in the Queen’s tongue.

More fun than any three-ring circus, Ms. NoNo is worth making a stop on the tube, my love.

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