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Everyone loves a good romantic comedy, with their amorous hijinx, poppy soundtracks, and happy endings. But just how does one become the rom-com protagonist of their own lives? Follow Erin and Sydney’s list of tips and tricks, and you’ll be on your way to making romantic history!

1. Always wake up glowing, with a full face of makeup.

2. Live in a fabulous apartment that you may not be able to afford.

3. Constantly go out for drinks, dinner, brunch, dancing, or any other activity that takes you out of your expensive apartment.

4. Wear the cutest pajamas at all times. Or, if you’re in a depressive episode, wear an oversized t-shirt with your college alma mater on it.

5. Work a job that you are passionate about but that constantly stresses you out. Your job-related stresses are triggered by interactions with bosses, big presentations, and promises of promotions.

6. Be oblivious to flirtations from your coworker. You are so passionate about this job and your career that you don’t have time for love!

7. Make a mortal enemy, be it a frenemy, romantic rival, or office competitor.

8. Be inherently clumsy, but also be cute about it.

9. Parlay said clumsiness into a meet-cute with a handsome stranger.

10. Be the subject of romantic speculation among friends, family members, and strangers alike—specifically older women in coffee shops, bakeries, or restaurants.

11. Rely on a close-knit but unique group of friends for advice. Make sure at least one of them is sassy, one is sexually adventurous, and one is a prudish cherub.

12. Go on cute dates that are easily compiled into a montage: walks in the park, sporting events, pottery painting, movies, furniture shopping, carnivals, etc.

13. Engage in a series of communication mishaps, like mistaken identity, voicemail shenanigans, little white lies, and so on.

14. Face an imminent life decision: moving across the country, having a baby, or accepting a different job. Have this conflict color your relationship status and cause drama in all other areas of your life.

15. Give yourself a series of pep talks with phrases such as “Get it together,” “Keep your eye on the prize,” and/or “You can do this.” These pep talks can be given in the bathroom mirror at home or at work, on the subway, or in the grocery store.

16. During an emotional period, stare out the window while it rains, soundtracked to a sad song. Alternatively, stare up at the ceiling pensively. If you have bangs, blow them out of your face in frustration.

17. Pour your heart out to your best friend. Said friend can be anyone from your mom to your four-legged confidant to that guy you don’t realize you have feelings for yet.

18. Befriend your mortal enemy. This friendship can be obtained by sharing your biggest romantic or career-related fears, followed by a makeover montage.

19. Have a therapeutic breakthrough that allows you to solve all of your work/friendship/familial/romantic problems. This breakthrough can come from an actual therapy session, an unexpected encounter with someone from your past, or from the bottom of a bottle of wine.

20. Plan an extravagant gesture to win back the affections of your love interest OR be the subject of an extravagant gesture that someone uses to try and win back your affections.

So, there you have it! Follow this guide to become the star of your very own romantic comedy. Let Erin and Sydney know how that works out for you on Twitter! And – if you want even more rom-com goodness, check out our Choose Your Own Romantic Comedy Adventure! We worked VERY hard on it (especially Kelaine!).

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