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So, here you are.

At last.

Standing, staring, supplicating—

In front of this shell.

This crumbled confusion

You’d built so hopefully

Block by block.


Ghosts flit past these ruins

Shreds of recollection

Voices you strain to almost hear



Before they disperse on the wind.


You grasp it, now.

It took you awhile.

To finally stop,

And look,

And really see

How everything fell apart

While you kept on.


You gather yourself

To yourself.

Shoulders settling back, and down

As you lift your chin

And survey this site

Of devastation.


Every block a glimpse from another time.

Another universe, perhaps.


Devolving from







Fear  . . .

Doubt . . .

Disregard . . .

Concealment . . .

Self-sacrifice . . .


They lie in the grass where they fell.

A beautiful mess of random shapes

Each unique, and telling.


Sighing deeply

You notice, finally



How these never fit together


In the first place.


And, so.

It is time to decide.

To hold yourself close.

The courage lies in the choice.


Take only what you need

For a stronger, sturdier foundation.

Select carefully.

And whatever you do,

Choose courage.


Build it again.



Then, look to the sky, and remember

That everything that is good and right

Comes from the dwelling built strong and true

For yourself.

First and always.

Heather Shaff

Heather is a book designer based in Boston who, when she’s not writing or taking care of the fam, can be found racing her bike, enjoying nature, or just daydreaming.

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