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We’re still cruising through our #INTERVIEW prompt pieces, with still plenty left in the tank. But you wrote in with your interview questions, and we are here for the fans. So we asked our writers:

What interview question could someone ask you to make you storm off set?

Prompt writers? Take it away.

John Papageorgiou

“When you shot your scene of full-frontal nudity, did you expect such a negative reaction?”

I’d like to think I’d have the courage to flip out on set and hurl a coffee mug or a PA if asked that. Even Brando once said he’d never do full-frontal because he wasn’t secure regarding the size of his piece. If Marlon isn’t a skilled enough thespian to act like he’s got a big one, then Christ knows I’m not.

N. Alysha Lewis

I feel like there’s no situation where I’d immediately storm off set based on a question. What’s more plausible is that someone would bring up a subject I’m really argumentative about, so then I’d go off on a rant and then be like, “You know what?! There’s no point in even talking to you anymore!” and *then* I’d storm off.

This plays out in my marriage A LOT—usually in a conversation about Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire. We’ve had screaming fights about whether Dumbledore is a bad guy, whether James is a worse person than Snape, whether Daenerys has the moral high ground when she closes the fighting pits in Meereen, and then I just shut down because I’ve become too emotionally invested. Also, once, in an argument with my mom about whether “mouth feel” is a legitimate food critique or just something millennials made up (I’m sure you can guess who was on which side), I literally stormed out of my apartment—without shoes on—because I was too upset. Sooooooo yeah.

Scott Snowman

If you’re asking to sit me down for an interview, you’ve obviously got some important questions to ask about me, or about something I know well. And if I’m agreeing to sit down to your interview, then I’m either breaking my usual stance of keeping my personal life private, or am excited to teach you (and your audience) something new.

In either case, I’ll get bored with you real quick if you waste time asking or joking about my last name. You’ve got the rare privilege of my time and you’re going to spend it going down some tired road that a thousand other bored cashiers / customer service agents / co-workers / high school students / fraternity brothers / substitute teachers / etc. have gone down? FOH with that nonsense.

Shannon Vail

What’s the worst dog breed, and why is it beagles?

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