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Make America Great Again… this time we mean it

Make America Great Again II: Electric Boogaloo

Remember the 80s?

2 America 2 Furious

I Haven’t Grabbed Any Pussies Lately

It Can Only Go Up From Here

I’m Inheriting a Mess

Wait ‘Til You See Me When I Don’t Have to Worry about Reelection

What Else Will You Talk about at Parties?

Keep America Caged

Law and Order: Criminal’s Intent

The Devil You Know!

The Emboldened and The Embeautiful

All Votes Don’t Matter

Oh, You Think This is Bad?

The Kid Rock Remix

Not Really a Mask Guy

Man Woman Person TV Camera

You Can’t Evict an Evictor

No Backsies!

Great Ratings

I’ve Fixed Worse Messes

Mo Stable Mo Genius

The Empire Strikes Back

The Call Is Coming from Inside the White House

I’m Better on the Back Nine

You Wanna See Me Make Ted Cruz Do Even Sadder Shit?

The Last Dance

Back on My Bullshit

Endorsed by COVID-19

You Don’t Change Titanics Midstream

Double or Nothing?

Oh, So You’re Perfect?


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