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Last night, I knew what to say,
but you weren’t there to hear it.
This probably sounds rehearsed,

I can’t stand the sight of you now.

I feel so mad, I feel so angry,
I feel so calloused,
so lost and confused again.
I feel stupid and contagious;

Does anyone feel like how I feel?
Then you can relate to this.

I’ve become so numb,
I can’t feel you there.
So give me something I can feel.
Let me in your arms
to feel the beating of your heart, baby.

Hold me tight
and don’t let go.
Brush so lightly;
squeeze so tightly—
I know it feels so damn good.
Until a sour patch hits acid tongues,
and the taste of ink gets old.

Put the doctor on the phone
I’m not making any sense.
But at least now,
I understand the hunger that I felt

that emanates from the smell, sight,
taste, and sound,
invasive like the smell of gas
climbing your nostrils as you pass.

I’m still not making any sense.

Can you take a look around
at all the lights and sounds?
Watch them spin
Into a beautiful oblivion.

But if you let the light in,
it’s gonna cloud your eyes again.

Now, I can feel my eyes wandering,
So I guess I’ll see you—
I’ll see you around—
because even after everything
we never grew out of
this feeling that we won’t give up.

But I know that it’s a false sense of security.
And nothing’s gonna change
that hopeless feeling I get
when you say you understand
and I know that you can’t . . .

** Found lyrics from the following bands/artists:All American Rejects, B.o.B, Box Car Racer, Bright Eyes, Cartel, Circa Survive, En Vogue, Eve 6, Fall Out Boy, Florence + the Machine, From First to Last, Head Automatica, Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, Motion City Soundtrack, Ne-Yo, Nirvana, Richard Edwards, Saosin, Say Anything, Seether, Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is, The Exies, The Starting Line, The Used, Yellowcard
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