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Billy wrote this piece after climbing the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii.

step up, come with me

above fear, beyond judgment

one step past doubt, up

on the knife’s sharp edge

don’t let fright slice potential

higher still! come up!!

you have more to give

always lots more than you think

trust me, one more step

dancing now, in flow

with love, with essence, one with

keep on, to the top

your best expression

everything. nothing. At Once.

the view worth each step

you have everything

Everything. you have it now.

no excuses, now go

you’ll find on the edge

you will find You, on that edge

you are right here. Look!

be scared, but don’t stop

you need to go now. step up!

you are magical

some won’t see though

too scared to take that first step

wasting life, what if?

don’t stay wondering

how high really is “what if?”

just go now. step up

each step builds higher

above what thought possible

cue Led Zeppelin

Billy Hafferty

Billy Hafferty is probably still hanging out of the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holler at you.

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