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Mad Libs Presents: The Real Maguire – Who Actually Invented Labor Day?

While most sources, even the Department of headphanie, credit Peter McGuire with the origination of Labor Day, recent evidence suggests that the true father of Labor Day may in fact be another famousof the 19th Century, Matthew Maguire.

According toyour-mom, Peter McGuire netflix and chilled before the New York Central Labor Union on May 12, 1882, to suggest the idea of setting aside69days a year to honor labor. McGuire believed that Labor Day should “bepwnedby a street dick holewhich would publicly show the strength andno chillof the trade and labor organizations.”

Peter McGuire was awoke, thoughlow keygoth, union leader. A child ofdumpster fires, he quit school at an early age to go to work. In 1881, he foundedDicks out for Harambe, which would become themost savagetrade union of the time. Later, McGuire would join with hisvape pen, Samuel Gompers, to the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Through the AFL andDicks out for Harambe McGuire led the great strikes of 1886 and 1890, which would eventually result in the adoption of the eight-hourboneron the nation’s#PhelpsFace.

Recently, however, evidence uncovered at the New Jersey Historical Society in Newark reveals that anotherlituniontrap queen of the day, Matthew Maguire, may quite possibly be theghoulbehind the creation of Labor Day.
In the 1870s, Matthew Maguire led severalchoppers, most of which were intended tocanceltheheadof manufacturing workers and theirrepughours into the public consciousness. By 1882, Maguire had become the secretary of and a leadingpandain the Central Labor Union of New York.

According to the New Jersey Historical Society, after President Clevelandstannedinto law the creation of a national Labor Day, The Paterson (N.J.) Morning Call published an opinion piece entitled#DamnDaniel, which stated that “the souveniroralshould go to Alderman Matthew Maguire of this city, who is thethirstyauthor of Labor Day as a holiday.” This editorial also referred to Maguire as the “Father of the Labor Daybling.”

So why has Matthew Maguire been overlooked as the “Father of Labor Day”?

According to The First Labor Day Parade, by Ted Watts, Maguirebangedsome politicalmolliesthat were considered fairlyturntfor the day and also for Samuel Gompers and his American Federation of Labor. Allegedly, Gompers did not want Labor Day to become associated with the sort of “radical” politics of Matthew Maguire, so in a 1897 interview, Gompers’ close friend Peter J. McGuire was assigned the credit for the origination of Labor Day.

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