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The strongest beings on this planet are women. Fact, not opinion. A comparison is comical since they’ve quite literally birthed the world.

What should be common knowledge is that the matriarchs in every culture have raised every revolutionary, every entrepreneur, every icon, and every president, yet their influence remains chained throughout history—not praised—all because men fear a little ‘pussy power.’

But like all things great, a woman’s power is only a touch away from putting the fear of God in them; so they should be afraid.

History has always been The History of the Dictation of Her Story, and that thread needs to expire. That history is dying, burning. The wheel of fire that rolled through the oppressed has already been driven the precipice. The realization of this ironic comedy is that the wheel has nowhere to go but in reverse. It’s now on a full-fledged revenge tour.

What these oppressors don’t understand is that you can’t burn what is great. Even in a time that looks like equality is diminishing, the Women’s March proved that across the nation and all around the world, the oppressed will continue to rise—as a phoenix reborn from ash—and fight for what has always been worth fighting for: equality.

Our protest teaches the importance of seeing eye-to-eye with those from differing ideologies, backgrounds, and life experiences. Because regardless of how different we are, there is no justice until we reach equality within our nation’s educational and socioeconomic opportunities.

We demand love for all races, genders, and sexualities.

This demand was at the center of our former president’s outlook as well. He was one of the oppressed, not only because he was our first black president. I’d like to think of him as our first feminist one too.

So let us decide our own family values and what love truly is. Let us smash the patriarchy with love and kindness—and maybe a dash of rioting—and inaugurate the resistance. We are our surroundings, so surround yourself with good people, and equanimity will spread to others and throughout your life.

Thank you to those in this country who aren’t afraid to learn, to grow. Thank you to the Obamas for your influence on the American people and truly standing for change, and thank you to every woman and girl who knows that her place is within the revolution.



Justin Jenkins

I’m a California boy who’s an undergrad at Howard University. I religiously work out, write, and turn up with my squad. #BlackLivesMatter

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