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Jared’s Naked and Afraid pitch is phenomenal. So many questions indeed. Can Donald Trump’s tiny hands hold an axe to chop firewood? Does Gary Johnson order off the kids’ menu at Olive Garden? (Yes, it saves him $2 and is at his reading level.)

But still, my big idea is a Crank Yankers style show, titled Who’s Calling Sean Hannity?

Here’s how it works. There is a secret camera taping Sean Hannity as he sits beside his phone, lonely and forlorn. The phone rings. His eyes light up… the possibilities!

Someone wants to call me?! Sean Hannity?!

Oh no, it’s just those damn puppets prank calling again, pretending to be Alan Combes inviting Hannity out to dinner before laughing in his face. A laugh track plays. Sean Hannity hangs up, dejected. Repeat 4x per episode.

Matt Guttentag

Matt Guttentag is looking for his keys.

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