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PITCH 1: “What if I told you that some spuds can’t be peeled?”

The Story of Spud Webb’s Dunk Contest Championship


PITCH 2: “What if I told you that in Communist Russia, Zamboni smooths you over?”

The 1980 Soviet Olympic Hockey Team—Where Are They Now?


PITCH 3: “What if I told you that some bean balls happen in the outfield?”

The Story of the Home Run that Bounced Off of Jose Canseco’s Head


PITCH 4: “What if I told you that some fields don’t have dreams?”

The Story of the 1978 Little League World Series Players’ Strike


PITCH 5: “What if I told you that some serves can’t be returned?”

Wimbledon, or something


PITCH 6: “What if I told you that some Two-a-Days last a lifetime?”

Oh Look, a Different Southern High School Football Program That is Way Too Intense As A Direct Result of the Stagnant Local Economy


PITCH 7: “What if I told you that some Kings are never crowned?”

The Story of Every Decent Sacramento Kings Team, 1985-present


PITCH 8: “What if I told you that being great doesn’t mean that you don’t also suck?”

The Story of the Yankees as an Organization


PITCH 9: “What if I told you that some locks don’t belong on chains?”

The Story of Bryce Harper’s Magnificent Hair #Natitude


PITCH 10: “What if I told you that reindeer may bring Santa and presents, but a horse can take it away?”

The Story of My Dad Losing an Entire Paycheck at the Race Track

Dennis William

Dennis is an aspiring English teacher and still listens to ska music. He lives in Portland, Oregon, which is fine, just not in the same way that DC is fine.

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