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What do you do when your editor asks you to write a “thank you note” to the man who led the country for the last eight years? You write a limerick. A stupid limerick. And then you go back to writing about atoms.

There once was a man they called Barry,
His middle name, foreign and scary,
He smoked lots of pot,
‘Cause he liked it a lot,
None of this, “I inhaled, but just barely.”

There once was a man named Barack,
And man could that senator talk,
His dreams worked up the crowd,
Yes We Can feel this proud,
With nary a reporter to mock.

There once was a man named Obama,
A POTUS who rose above drama,
With a beautiful mind,
He was gentle and kind,
Yet had the guts to take out Osama.

Please, Mr. President, know,
We will mourn the loss when you go,
While we don’t all agree,
With your every decree,
We’re spoiled by the honor you show.

Jesse Stone

Jesse B. Stone loves science and writing. Apologies if you were looking for the "Jesse Stone" played by Tom Selleck in the CBS movies.

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