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Hi, my name is


Aooper Aupp

Booper Bupp

Cooper Cupp

Dooper Dupp

Eooper Eupp

Fooper Fupp

Gooper Gupp

Hooper Hupp

Iooper Iupp

Jooper Jupp

Kooper Kupp

Looper Lupp

Mooper Mupp

Nooper Nupp

Oooper Oupp

Pooper Pupp

Qooper Qupp

Rooper Rupp

Sooper Supp

Tooper Tupp

Uooper Uupp

Vooper Vupp

Wooper Wupp

Xooper Xupp

Yooper Yupp

Zooper Zupp

Dennis William

Dennis is an aspiring English teacher and still listens to ska music. He lives in Portland, Oregon, which is fine, just not in the same way that DC is fine.

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