traffic seen through the window of a car dotted with rain

traffic seen through the window of a car dotted with rain

No rizz just clear eyes and constant yapping about the weather.

Hi, we’re The Prompt Mag, we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, so to ease back into things, we figured we’d talk about the most natural subject on earth—the weather. We asked our writers what was going on in their neck of the woods. Here’s yesterday’s report.


Jillian Conochan, THE Jersey Shore University


Partly Cloudy with a chance of I may uppercut a bitch

High of 68° / Low of 56°

Jolemite, Somewhere between space and time (Mid-Michigan) and controlling The Rhyme


Cloudy with a chance of chance and doing the Safety Dance

High of 63°/Low of End Theory

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Eric Mochnacz, Small town America

69 (nice) degrees. Just feels like “fuck this shit” o’clock, if we’re being honest.

Victoria Buritsch, Everett, Washington

Sunny as heck, 61°, light skinny stratus clouds that don’t do anything to impede the Sun. (We’re at the edge of the Deciduous rainforest of Seattle, but even they get sunny days sometimes!)

Jay Heltzer, Alexandria, Virginia

We’ve got cloudy skies over Alexandria, Virginia, bringing in surly moods and an unwillingness to move your empty trash bins that Fairfax County’s finest garbage folk left three feet from the curb. We’re gonna top out at 69º as the high today, with an irrelevant low of 62º. Since there’s only a seven-degree range all day, currently moping around the neighborhood of 66º, just shut the door, don a blanket and escape to Netflixland.

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Sarah Razner, not not the home of That ‘70s Show


Perfect amount of haze to meet Mr. Darcy in a meadow, or be jumped by a serial killer

Afternoon sun expected

High of 65°/45°

Dan Farkas, Rochester, Michigan

62° and cloudy in suburban Detroit; haze increases toward afternoon foreboding a sense of dread for Knicks and Rangers fans everywhere.

Josh Bard – Washington, D.C.


Not cold but not hot. Not good but not bad. Not raining but could at any second. Lethargic. Apathetic. If photosynthesis was in your plans today, you may have to find another source of energy.

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Melanie Civin Kenion, Provincetown, Massachusetts on the tip of Cape Cod

Blue skies with wispy clouds, tides rolling in. Car top down. Carefree and windblown. 62 degrees.

Sydney Mineer, Los Angeles, California

High: 74° / Low: 57°

Thinking about those people who ask me “do you miss weather?” while looking at the May Grey hanging over the city that will melt into June Gloom—days of cloud cover that usually, hopefully, burn off late afternoon to reveal blue skies.

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