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Politicians pleading with the populace

To immunize a health issue for free

A toe-dip into socialized medicine

While constituents cry for care

Longing to be heard but not

Like that because it is easy

To need rather than read

The signs of the times

As they change

Too slowly

This is a test

We are failing

Used to instant

Gratification of

The internet we are

Letting real life escape

By getting caught in this

Needless trap of a mandate

Christine Veasey

Christine Veasey's first poetry collection “Walking Into Spiderwebs” is available on Amazon in ebook or paperback. In addition to her work on The Prompt, she was recently published in the moonstone press anthology "Disasters of War". She spent over a year living in a tent, observing the romantic and sad absurdities of life. She is currently attempting to reintegrate into society and continues writing.

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