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Ode to Jasper the Shelter Dog

You little shit, what did you do?

Don’t you know all I do for you?

I cook your food and brush your teeth,

We took you in from off the street.

Crusty eyes and a crooked leg,

We didn’t care, you needn’t beg.

‘Twas love at first sight, at least for me,

But I’m a fool, which now I see.

Some door’s ajar, so off you went,

Maybe you walked, or did you sprint?

It’s dark outside, and your fur is black,

I’m far too young for this heart attack.

All the neighbors have joined the hunt,

Five times now you’ve pulled this stunt.

Where do you go? And why do you leave?

Is another family what you grieve?

I shine a light and scream your name,

Searching for you and someone to blame.

“It’s just the breed”, the vets all say,

You just can’t help but run away.

Yet you seem happy, so what the hell?

Some lass out there who rings your bell?

Will you stroll home, worn out from sex?

Nope, you’re neutered. I’m perplexed.

Been hours now and we’re losing hope,

I’m at the end of a fraying rope.

The kids are crying, convinced you’re gone.

We’ve had you a year, we had a good run.

G’night sweet Jasper, wherever you are,

Please be safe and watch out for cars.

If you change your mind, the porch light’s on,

I start searching again at dawn.

Natalie Brandt

Natalie is a lawyer and mom trapped in Texas. Wildly outspoken about the separation of church and state, she can quickly kill a dinner party but always brings good wine.

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