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Dear You,

I write this letter to offer you my highest recommendation for Life. That’s right, I said I give my highest recommendation, without reservation, for Life. I know this can be a bit of a controversial stance. Many of us these days are quick to be down on Life, but please, hear me out.

We all start out Life given the very minimum of tools to get by. 

I mean, we aren’t even told how to walk, speak, or heck, even chew solid foods. We have to learn that on our own! All of us are on a different schedule for these milestones, due to a wide array of variables, ranging from what our mothers did during pregnancy, to the hospital you were born in, to whether you are an only child or a middle child. Despite the obstacles of those early years, Life helps pull you through it.

At this point you’re probably thinking, Life is pretty great! You got through childhood, you know how to walk and go to the bathroom on your own, and now you’re a teenager and everything is going to rock. Of course, you couldn’t be more wrong. Those years are incredibly eye-opening, joyous, and extremely painful. Life gives you friends that will become your family and gives you people you wish you had never met. Life gives you the best athletic shape you’ll probably ever be in and also gives you crippling skin problems, or a social anxiety disorder, or likely both. Life gives you your first love and your first breakup. Life may confuse you as to what gender you’re supposed to love, and admittedly, for some of us, that leads to a lot of hardship, and several years of figuring things out. This is all to say that Life is a bitch, but I still offer my recommendation for them, because if it weren’t for those things Life threw at you—and sometimes Life straight up hurls things—you wouldn’t be the person you are today.

Hopefully, as you read this letter, you’re at a point in which Life has given you some contentment. Some people may call that a great partner, some may call it being able to afford a roof over your head, and some may call it cuddling with their dog. You may call that contentment something totally different, but the bottom line is you got Life to thank for it. All those points in time you experienced with Life, the good and the bad, have culminated to this moment. I mean, how can you not give Life a chance after that!

I admit I still have quite a few years to spend with Life. And there is the possibility that my opinion will change in a few years, but nothing so far points to that.

In conclusion, I hope you give Life a chance. I am confident that Life will be a valuable asset to someone like you. If you have any further questions, please do not contact me, but instead reach out to your friends.

Another Person Trying at Life

Ben Chavez

Ben is a bit of a nomad with a mild case of ADHD. He hopes to squeeze in some writing between hiking, work, and video games.

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