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By Josephine Bloomquist, Age 8


When I got into 2nd grade, I just knew there would be trouble. Every year for picture day, my picture was the worst. Either my bow was crooked, or I had a smirk on my face.

My friends and I have always tried to figure out why people wear nice shoes on picture day when you can’t even see your feet in the picture. The crazy thing is that even though I know the shoes don’t matter for the picture, I wear nice shoes anyway. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and we still can’t figure it out. (And part of the reason is we just all forget to talk about it.)

The only time I ever even looked at people’s feet on picture day is when my friends and I would look under the wall. EVERY year there was this red wall that split the gym, and we would always try and look under there to see what was on the other side. Sometimes I would take a sneak peek, but I just got so tired of seeing people’s feet on the dirty floor.

Some other reasons why picture day is so weird is because everybody is so nervous, even the people who have been there for so long. But the idea of being scared sounds so embarrassing.

Why are people afraid of a simple camera?

Over the course of the years I learned that you don’t necessarily have to dress in nice clothes or wear nice shoes. You just need an everyday outfit, look at the camera, and simply smile. I’ve always wanted to get the perfect picture, but I never have. I’ve always complained to myself how my picture is the worst out of the class.

But none of that matters this year because this year I won’t have a picture day.

I don’t feel too happy about the fact that I have to do home school because I don’t have anything in front of me except a screen. I’d rather get my picture taken a hundred times than sit in quarantine (I guess). But I do like that I don’t have to walk to the bus stop and wake up early anymore. And also, no one in my class will see my shoes, so I don’t wear any.

Josephine Bloomquist

Josephine Bloomquist is a third grade student living in Northern Virginia. She loves bows and dancing and hopes one day to become a YouTube sensation.

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