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Once upon a time there lived a…? NOBODY can describe it. Although it is way beyond anything you can imagine, many refer to it as “The Marvelous Monstrosity.”

It can’t do anything any human can do. But it can do everything any human can’t do.

Everybody in the world has heard of it. In fact, it is illegal not to tell a newborn about it. It has almost demolished the world a googleplex times, and threatens destruction every second. But only one time did it actually happen.

The day was August 8th, 8888. He appeared out of nowhere and started shaking the world in his hands. I know this makes no sense considering he is in the world, but trust me, he did it anyway.

Then The Marvelous Monstrosity summoned an army of frogs and hypnotized them to make them his minions. His plan was now ready.

He was going to attract everyone in the world (including animals) to win their attention. He would keep doing so, with the help of his minions, until everyone fainted so hard they could never wake up. And finally, he was going to have his minions throw everybody off the world until only he and his minions remained.

So he started his plan. With all his force rushed up in the air, and smashed down at about 300,0000 miles per nanosecond. It didn’t break the world, but he somehow smashed through it. Then, everyone laughed the hardest laugh in history, which exposed a big weakness without them even knowing it. The monster has a power that when a lot of people do the same thing at the same time he could hypnotize them.

So he did. And he made them join his army of minions.

Luckily, the monster also fell back down to the world. Although that was not according to plan, he was happy because everything went in his favor. He wanted to also hypnotize all the other animals, so he started brainstorming dastardly ideas.

But, deep in the forest, there was one human who managed not to laugh or get hypnotized. His name was Tarziarno Aladerio.

He managed to convince the other animals to join him and stop the monster, he knew EVERYTHING about the monster so he told everything he learned to the animals.

Here’s what he said. “You know of the monster and you’ve seen all the atrocious  things he’s done recently? Well this is what you have to know. Many refer to it as ‘The Marvelous Monstrosity.’ It can’t do anything any human can do. But it can do everything any human can’t do. Everybody in the world has heard of it. In fact it is illegal not to tell a newborn about it. It has almost demolished the world a googolplex times, and threatens destruction every second. Unless we take action, it probably will demolish the world this time, and we must change that.”

The animals saw him up close, and none of them could  describe his appearance as anything other than hideous.

The monster finally came up with the idea to disguise as a DJ and make the animals dance. Then, he’d hypnotize them to join the minion army.

However, Tarziarno had a better idea.

He did this before the monster could. He rushed up to the monster with the most adrenaline one could have and pretended he was already hypnotized. Then he alerted the monster that the other animals were behind him but he pointed in the wrong direction. Then the animals charged up behind him, but he was too heavy, and they bonked their heads and fell down.

The monster hypnotized them all—since they were all trying a plan that they failed, which means they were all doing the same thing.

So, because their plan failed, they had to join the monster’s army.

The monster glared at the world and ordered the minions to destroy everything in the world, and they did.

It took them about 666,666,666,666 years. They were all breathing the hardest breaths ever more tired than anybody has ever been. They had to steal the biggest vacuum in the world because nobody was there. They did it, but it was quite out of control, and they fell off the world. And the only thing left was that hideous monster, it got bored and headed over to another galaxy.

You don’t wanna know what happened there…

Michael Alexander Gural-Maiello

When he's not training to best Michael Phelps' records, Michael Alexander is writing, coding, editing YouTube videos, painting, playing electric guitar, singing David Bowie songs, dancing, performing standup comedy, competing in chess, hiking, or playing with his goddess dog (and canine sister) Athena. A native New Yorker who moved to Portland, Maine on May 1, Michael is a fifth-grader with deep ties to the art world. He enjoys visiting galleries and museums, discussing all genres, especially contemporary art, with artists, gallery owners, and curators.

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