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Fine I’ll tell you, but only if you dare to hear it. The year was 29,332, and after teleporting to about 6 billion different galaxies, the monster finally found the one he wanted.

It was heaven, he wanted to invade it because he wanted to get rid of all the people and animals he killed in the real world. Because everyone who was hypnotized eventually died from thirst and starvation.

The monster prayed to The Devil that they wouldn’t get sent to a secondary heaven after he kills them once again.

Once again he had a foolproof plan. The monster was going to tease God and then get into a one-on-one fight with Him. In his heart, the monster believed that he was way more powerful than God, and had high hopes that he could beat him. The truth is, the monster really doesn’t even have as much power as The Devil. So he started his plan.

He started taunting God. “Hey Peanut Butter Head!!!” In the FREAKIEST VOICE EVER, he continued, “Why don’t you try on someone of your own power? Huh? Huh?”

But God didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to harm the monster. He locked him up in the empty world He created. This was his hell.

The monster tried to teleport out, but there was no fence and he was locked in. This was a magical barrier. However he did manage to hypnotize everyone in heaven for praising God for locking him up. But, they couldn’t save him; they were just humans and animals. Plus God, unhypnotized the humans and animals shortly after.

The monster even prayed for help from The Devil, who tried to get him out but was not powerful enough to overcome God’s magical barrier.

It all started with the monster lonely and bored in the empty world.

But that’s  also how it ends. Only now, the monster is trapped without the power teleport. Now, he is often referred to as The Secondary Devil. Meanwhile, the former inhabitants of Earth live a happy rest of their lives in heaven.

Michael Alexander Gural-Maiello

When he's not training to best Michael Phelps' records, Michael Alexander is writing, coding, editing YouTube videos, painting, playing electric guitar, singing David Bowie songs, dancing, performing standup comedy, competing in chess, hiking, or playing with his goddess dog (and canine sister) Athena. A native New Yorker who moved to Portland, Maine on May 1, Michael is a fifth-grader with deep ties to the art world. He enjoys visiting galleries and museums, discussing all genres, especially contemporary art, with artists, gallery owners, and curators.

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