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“Scoob, old buddy old pal, why do I feel like we’re about to be in grave danger?” Shaggy asked.

The dog just shrugged and gave him a sympathetic look.

Great. Just what I wanted to do on my Saturday night. Walk around an old creepy mansion while Fred, Velma, and Daphne are off doing whatever, man.

Shaggy had been with the gang for longer than he cared to remember at this point.

It had become harder and harder for him to think of a time when he wasn’t part of Mystery Incorporated, but at the same time he really did hate it. What was wrong with a normal movie night or something?

What’s that creaking? Is it some axe murderer coming out of the woodwork? But then again, most of the time the gang usually just busts a sinister real estate agent or oil baron on the search for treasure. It was probably just the aging wood floor of this abandoned mansion. 

“Raggy! Rook!” Scooby said and started nudging Shaggy’s leg.

He looked out the window and saw a white object floating in the window.

“Is that a… g-g-g-host?!” Shaggy exclaimed. “No way, Scoob! Like, let’s get out of here!”

The object in the window started to screech.

That’s when the duo knew they had to get out of there. As much as Shaggy hated running through a dark, abandoned mansion, he knew it was the only way out. Besides, he figured at this point he should get back to Fred, Daphne, and Velma to see what clues they managed to scrounge up.

This is going to be my last case. I swear. I know I must be better about setting boundaries and besides, I’ve been wanting to get back into belt buckle collecting, anyway. And the gang keeps thinking I’ll just bend to their will with the promise of some Scooby-Snax. 

“Shaggy! Where you going so fast?” someone yelled.

“Right outta here, man! I’m not sticking around any longer!”

“Watch out, there’s a door!”

Shaggy paid no attention to the warning and promptly slammed into the mansion’s main entrance at full sprint. After he came back around, he looked up and saw Fred, Daphne, and Velma.

Thank god. Maybe this means we can get out of here. 

“Hey gang! Why are there six of you?”

“Cause you two hams couldn’t wait to get out of here and slammed into the door,” Velma said.

“But, but there was a ghost! And I’m not sticking around for that! No way.”

Fred started to laugh. “Shag, there’s no ghost. You just saw our flashlights outside while we were looking for clues!”

“There was a screeching noise!” How do you explain that?”

“You didn’t notice the bird’s nest when we came in? This area is known for crows!” Daphne asked.

As usual, there was always an explanation. The gang might not have caught the villain this time, but at least Shaggy knew that once again, there was no such thing as ghosts. But that meant there was still a freaky phantom on the loose, which was even more unsettling.

“Well gang, it seems we’ve got some clues. That means it’s trappin’ time!” Fred said.

So. close. They were so close. 

“Dangit, Fred, just when I thought we were gonna get out of here! Can’t we talk about this at the malt shop instead? I’m starving.”

Then, like clockwork, Velma piped in. “Would you stay for some Scooby-Snax?”

Jessica Lulka

Jess Lulka is a Boston-based creative. When she's not writing or editing, you'll find her at any bookstore, art museum, or looking at cat pictures.

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