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Well, this is a little embarrassing, but…

The first time I ever read a piece from the Prompt Magazine, I was creepin’ on my friend’s Twitter page when I stumbled upon a re-tweeted post. It almost seemed out of place on my friend’s feed, but the teaser intrigued me. So, I gave it a curious click.

Wait, I know that face. I’ve seen that face.

Come to find out, I recognized the writer’s profile picture above the article. I was trying to connect the blurry dots in my mind, when I had an epiphany. Wait a minute…  could it be? That one dude I kept seeing in my ‘suggested friends’ on Facebook? I immediately investigated, still embarrassed, but keen on confirming my brain’s associative suspicions.

A-ha!It IS you!

My friend’s brother, this whole time. What a wild coincidence.

I moved my eyes down the page. A few scrolls later, followed by some ugly laughs and delighted gasps, I said to myself… Damn, this is my kind of content, and not just for reading.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I have a few novels in the publishing process right now, but like most writers, the job is never done. I needed another reason to type, scribble, and throw crumpled paper balls at the trash.

I’ve got all of these little files saved in a folder on my laptop—random thoughts, random takes on the world, spooky short stories, and even some regrettable love poems (…Oh, god. Zack, why’d you do me like that?!). The Prompt and its quirky reads made me feel like I might actually belong in their community.

So, after that one read, I got sucked into The Prompt faster than I was sucked into the void, and I made my first submission. Cheers to that one random find, and cheers to my friend for being cool about it when I told him that I lurk on his Twitter page.

Sydney Walters

Digital marketer, author, and hopeless romantic from D.C. who scribbles in answers on trivia night and shouts at her Playstation on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sips hot tea or coffee from a Studio Ghibli mug. Paces while brainstorming. Conquers hot sauce.

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