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The quick sting of mint. Wiping away sleep. A caffeine boost. The pull of shoelaces. Heart pounding, sweat dripping, gasping for air. The relief of the finish. Deep, gasping breaths. A refreshing cascade. Quiet contemplation. Thoughts of the day ahead. More coffee. A book on the porch. Breeze ruffling the pages. Freedom. The promise and exhilaration of a day ahead. No obligations. No expectations.

A vibration. A sound.

Connecting. Reaching out. Long awaited hugs. The scent of coconut and sweat. Heat of the sand and the cool relief of a soft blanket. Laughs. Easy silence. The soft swish of a book’s pages. An errant whistle. A whiff of dope. Restlessness. A freezing, but so refreshing, dip. Submersion. The crash of waves. Mouthful of salt water and grit. Drying off in moments under the heat of the sun.

Parched. Need the shade and a sip. The pulse beat of the music. Dancing. Swaying. Skin to skin contact. The sweetness of fruit and the sting of liquor. “Keep it open.” A wink and a smile. Flirty touches with strangers made new friends. Laughs. Camera clicks. Back on the sand without goodbyes or learning their names.

Feeling hazy.

Floating. A hand. The small of your back. Lingering. Ocean blue eyes. Flaxen gold sunset. High tide. Crisp water lapping and crashing at your toes. A neverending horizon. A distant fog horn blast. The sky turning off, lights turning on.

A quick rinse.

A disco nap. Outfit change. The second wind. A rally.

The flavors of a boardwalk dinner. Nostalgic scents. The wisp of cotton candy. Oily, fried funnel cake. The sear of hot grills on cold meat. Familiar sounds. A return to childhood. The click of an ascent. The screams of the descent. “Play to win!” Alarm bells signaling victory.

The crossroads of excitement, hope, fear, and promise. Smiles hiding insecurities. Daring to conquer doubt. Amazing memories or a night you want to forget. Unending possibilities laced with reality.

Stolen glances across a crowded beach bar.

Salt and limed tinged lips after tequila and bravery. A hand pulling you home. A lure of anticipation, light sweat and day-old sunscreen. Footfalls on the boardwalk. Hushed secrets. Stolen kisses. A key struggling to find a lock. Quiet laughs. The soft whisper of clothes, the hiss of zippers. Gasps. Frenzy and calm. Salt air through an open window. Sunrise over the glistening skin of someone else’s shoulder.

The smell of coffee.

An awkward smile. Mint shared between your lips. A hot shower. A warm farewell.

Texts full of secrets. The flush in your cheeks. A promise to see you tomorrow.

Back to the beach. The heat of the sun. The salt on your skin. The slick of lotion. The chill of the ocean. The mid-day buzz.

Doing it all over again.

Because on summer vacation, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Eric Mochnacz

A wizard of pop culture. A prince of snark. A delightful addition to any dinner party.

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