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Because the pandemic has been the most horribly mishandled crisis in American history. There are hundreds of other reasons, but I’ll go with the thing that has resulted in the mostly avoidable deaths of 228,000 Americans and put my livelihood and the U.S. economy into a goddamn tailspin. –Kelaine Conochan

Because of the fascism. –Dennis William

Because the pandemic was never ‘fake news.’ –Sydney Walters

Because Donald Trump is a dangerous, selfish, racist, unpredictable, egotistical, lying, cheating, misogynistic, supervillain who has sadly transformed this country into the biggest shithole country around. –Josh Bard

Because the cruelty should never be the point, and the presidency should never be a cudgel with which to hurt those you feel need it. –Scott Michael

The past 4 years have engaged all of us in a gory, repugnant Choose Your Own Adventure book, and finally… finally! we realize it’s too consequential to opt out. That’s why I’m turning to page 2021 with Joe Biden as President. I solemnly swear not to lose interest, even though it’s a little boring and a little cliche. –Jillian Conochan

Because Joe Biden said, “Reproductive rights are a constitutional right. And, in fact, every woman should have that right.” Because we need to start healing from the damage that’s been inflicted by the Trump administration over the last four years. –Erin Vail

Because America has cancer, and Joe Biden is chemotherapy. –Ariel Cross

Because I want to feel safe again– to be able to let go of my worries at the end of the day and sleep through the night again. –Sydney Mineer

Because of the hypocrisy of the individuals who claim they’ve been acting on their Evangelical and Christian faith-driven values. If we want to truly start being a country of morals and values, and dare I say, “more Christ like” we have to live them out through our actions — through police reform to protect our Black community, through upholding the Same Sex Marriage Act, by putting a stake in Healthcare for All, by upholding Roe v Wade for women to have full control of thier bodies. –Katie Novotny¬†

Because I want to live in a country where the government works for all people, no matter what their race, gender, or socio-economic status is. I want to make progress, find solutions to our biggest problems, and make life better for ALL Americans. –Jennifer Racusin

Because I trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are more likely to listen to protest and petition in favour of creating equitable and inclusive policies. –Kelonnie Harris

I endorse Joe Biden because his plastic surgery is fairly believable. Maybe he can get that same surgeon to do some work on America. – Zach Straus

Because I love America. –Eva Kriksciun

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