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We asked very angry California Democrat, Jessie Rosen, for her response on the celebration of the life of Roger Ailes. She sent us this. Message received.

  1. Do you know anyone that has been the victim of sexual assault? Follow up—did you ask them how they feel about Roger Ailes death before you decided to honor his incredible career in media?
  2. Are you celebrating the life of Roger Ailes because you’re afraid that Roger Ailes will blackball you in heaven? Follow up—do you think Roger Ailes is in heaven?
  3. Is Roger Ailes actually alive and orchestrating this entire thing from his Wizard of Oz stall inside Fox News? Follow up—is Trump? Correction: is Bannon, on behalf of Trump, but really on behalf of himself?
  4. Are you not mentioning any of the wildly offensive and deeply damaging things that Roger Ailes has done out of respect for his surviving relatives? Follow up—do those people still have financial ties to you slash Fox News?
  5. Do you really believe Roger Ailes’s life is worth celebrating, or are you just doing it so that you won’t lose your job at—taking a stab here—Fox News?
  6. If you could help one person by celebrating the life of Roger Ailes (specifically Roger) and 100 people by highlighting the fact that he was complicit in several sexual assault cases, including his own, what would you choose? Follow up—what if one of the 100 people was your sister/daughter/mother/wife? 
  7. Is any part of you celebrating Roger Ailes today just to piss off liberals? Follow up—is EVERY part of you?
  8. Do you actually know the extent of what Roger Ailes is personally responsible for? Follow up—if I tell you, are you just going to support him any way?
  9. If I offered you a much bigger much better contract at a competing news channel, would you take it and then not support Roger Ailes on that news channel? What if I offered you no new job but a guaranteed spot in heaven? What if I offered you no job, no heaven, but one night with the hottest women you’ve ever seen?
  10. Are you a man? A “real man”? A man’s man? Follow up—no you’re not.
Jessie Rosen

Jessie Rosen is the writer behind the blog 20-Nothings and storytelling series SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her dog, and the complete works of Nora Ephron.

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