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Today my hair looks awful

Straggly, stringy, and grossly thin.

Nose red, eyes swollen, puffy,

I let too many feelings in.


Today I did too little,

Yesterday, it wasn’t enough

Later, I’ll wear a smile

Cause I’m strong, resilient, and tough


So, I stuffed my face again

With chocolate and cheddar cheese

Wishing I could be better

As my thumb scrolls past those at ease


After 14,000 steps

I still do not know where to go

But I guess I’ll keep walking

Heaps of uncertainty in tow

But You.


You have it all figured out.

Who you are and where you belong

Look around at the life you built

Not even a fragment is wrong


You’re an icon, a goddess,

We’re so lucky to have you here

How do you get it so right?

Year after year after year?


You. Yes you.


Are perfect the way you are.

At least in my dumb, beady eyes

So let’s celebrate you, please

Let me deflect and eat more fries


Let me build you up and up

While I tear myself right apart

For this is what I was taught

And why there’s no love for me in my heart.

Katie Novotny

Katie is a comedian and copywriter, living in New York to chase her dreams of becoming the official spokeswoman for Bengay.

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