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The day of prom

The first day of a new job

The day of a dance recital

The day you put on white pants

The first day of a vacation

The day you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time

The day of a job interview

Any day you forgot to pack (or restock) your feminine product of choice

The day you’d planned to lose your virginity (and yes, some people plan these things!)

A day when you’re all out of clean underwear

The first day of a road trip (which can differ from a vacation, like if you’re moving across the country)

The first day of your period, when you’ve been trying to get pregnant

The day you decided to go commando for the first time

The day of an outdoor festival, where you only have access to port-a-potties

Pretty much any day, because periods are THE WORST

N. Alysha Lewis

N. Alysha Lewis is an editor and blogger with author aspirations whose love can absolutely be bought with french fries.

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