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Why doesn’t Harry have anything that belonged to Lily? Having her eyes is not enough!

Did Aragog’s knowledge of English mean that he can’t speak spider language, or is he bilingual?

What happens if you can’t Riddikulus/laugh away a boggart? Do you die from fear?

How did Sirius Black get a wand when he escaped from Azkaban? Wouldn’t they destroy the wands of people sent to Azkaban?

For that matter, why does it seem like Azkaban is the ONLY prison they have? What do they do with regular felons who aren’t on par with murderers or wizard Nazis but should still be imprisoned?

If a wizard gets a new wand (say because theirs was destroyed), would it work less well than the one that originally chose them?

How does Ron explain his new owl, Pigwidgeon, to Molly and Arthur at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban? He got him from Sirius, who they won’t know is actually innocent until the end of Goblet of Fire, and he’s not really good at… anything, so I doubt he came up with a great lie.

Why don’t Harry, Ron, or Hermione ever lock the damn door to their Hogwarts Express compartment if they don’t want Malfoy popping in all the time?!

What were the consequences of destroying the prophecy room in the Department of Mysteries? Seems like it would’ve had SOME kind of ripple effect.

How come house elves seem to be the only talking magical beings/creatures that (generally) like wizards?

At the beginning of Deathly Hallows, Elphias Doge talks about the old custom of traveling the world for a year after graduating from wizarding school. What happened to that?

There are definitely wands with an explicit “sex toy” use, right? (JK Rowling implied she’s thought about it.)

Can you put thoughts back into your brain after extracting them for a Pensieve?

Where the hell were the other UK-based wizard schools during the Battle of Hogwarts?


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