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Well, Heidi, they booed me. They booed me right off stage. One of my biggest donors, Robert Mercer, called my decision “both regrettable and revealing.” There was money, future support, and the favor of my party in the mix.

I said I’d support the Republican candidate in the end, but I just can’t do it. “Vote your conscience,” I told them. I followed mine.

It’s for American families, Heidi, because you know how much family means to me. So much so that I still couldn’t endorse him even after he chose Mike Pence as a running mate. Pence, the perfect family man! Of a traditional family, at that. The kind of values that would make a guy like me drool! Still, I could not budge for his candidate.

It’s for you, Heidi, and our daughters, so they can grow up in my vision of a world. One that respects females, that helps them make the right choices with their bodies, choices greater than their bodies. In fact, removing choice completely, because a higher power already chose. One where we protect women the right way: state-by-state legislation, not country-wide. I felt so passionately about that even in 2013 that I voted against new amendments to the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. I did that for women, Heidi.

It’s for our people here, Heidi, the ones so fortunate to have been born in this great country. I love to protect people, and give them opportunities to succeed, and the best way to do that, of course, is what I’ve said time and time again: build a wall, and separate ourselves with triple border security.

It’s for Texans like me, Heidi, because who else will be strong enough to convert the evils we have in this world? Evils like Black Lives Matter, which I’ve told you before, is just thugs literally celebrating the murder of police. All lives matter!

It’s to destroy ISIS, Heidi, because the radical Islam danger is something we can’t have here. In fact, it’s here already, as I’ve said before, because politicians here are muzzling our ability to speak out against their radical Islamic ways. We need politicians who care more about safety than safe spaces.

What? No, Heidi, that’s is not the same as Governor Pence’s Religious Freedom Act. Please don’t interrupt.

My vote? It’s for America, Heidi, to set up a strong position for the next go-round, in 2020. I need to distance myself from Donald Trump now — while I still can, because as we all know,

I am different.

Haley O'Shaughnessy

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