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Me: Truth or Dare?

Dylan (my best friend Christina’s boyfriend): Truth.

Me: What was the first thing you noticed about Christina?

D: Def that ass yo! Haha, but seriously—she has a great ass—her wonderful smile and pretty eyes. The boobs were a bonus. She’s got a lot of self worth in this world, and I really was drawn to that.

Me: Truth or Dare?

D: Dare.

Me: I heard Truth. Are you aware that Christina likes me more than you?

D: Very much aware. In time that will change though!

Me: Not likely. Truth or Dare?

D: Truth?

Me: How many people have you slept with?

D: Fuccckkkkkkk. Is it bad to say I forgot? Or at least, I don’t think about it anymore since I got with Christina. To be safe, let’s go with over 8, under 10.

Me: Mmmhmm . . . *makes a note in my notebook*

D: What are you doing over there?

Me: DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. Truth or Dare?

D: Dare.

Me: I dare you to answer the following question—

D: This feels rigged.


D: What is happening . . .

Me: Would you have a MMF threesome if Christina wanted to?

D: Yes, as long as Christina agreed to it. But only in a last-minute clutch if our relationship was going down the shitter; we’d have to be in a bad state.

Me: I see, I see.

D: Was that the right answer?

Me: I’m not the one answering questions here!

D: Clearly . . .

Me: Your insolence is noted. Truth or Dare?

D: Are you going to ask every time? Because it seems like I don’t get to pick Dare . . .


D: Truth.

Me: Who is your celebrity crush/free pass?

D: Ohhhh, it’s tied between Bill Murray and ScarJo—or they both can come in at the same time. I’m up for a threesome!

Me: That’s . . . weird. *heavy side eye* Truth or Dare?

D: Truth.

Me: If Christina met Kit Harington, would you be bothered if she slept with him?

D: Oh motherfucker! Ugh. I would be disgruntled. Would I let her do it . . . ummm. Only if he agrees to eat cake off her ass. But we’d still have to talk about it. I don’t know! I’m not good with sharing.

Me: Ten points.

D: To or from Gryffindor?

Me: Ten points. Truth or Dare?

D: Do I get to pick Dare?

Me: How often does Christina get to pick the movie on a movie night?

D: Why are you testing me?! The thing is, I give Christina a chance to pick out movies, but her decision-making skills suck ass. So we ALWAYS end up going with what I want. Fuck! *eats chocolate* I love semi-sweet chocolates.

Me: *notes that I wasn’t offered chocolate* Truth or Dare?

D: Truth.

Me: Would you let Christina design a dumb tattoo for you and then get it?

D: YES. Buttttt it couldn’t be visible on the body. It’d be on my ass cheek—only she can see that. Or my scrotum. But probably not. Point is: somewhere on a sexual part of the body.

Me: I dare you to do that for real.

D: Seriously?

Me: *shrugs* Truth or Dare?

D: Truuuuth?

Me: Do you plan on asking me for Christina’s hand?

D: Janna [one of Christina’s other friends, who isn’t as cool as me] isn’t the one I have to ask? Haha! Can I propose to you both? Yes, she would be upset if I didn’t come to you first.

Me: *nods thoughtfully* Good, good, good.

D: Did I pass?

Me: Truth or Dare?

D: Damn it!

Me: It’s the last one, you whiny baby.

D: OK. Truth.

Me: Why don’t you two live in Boston already?

D: Because we are both total bitches when it comes to the cold. But, I’m down to get tripled layered (if you know what I mean). It will happen in due time. We can adjust. I’d rather be cold than 115-degree weather in Texas, so maybe we will pack up and move there now!

Me: *makes final notes* Thank you for your cooperation. Your evaluation will be reviewed by the appropriate parties.

D: Am I still dating Christina?

Me: We’ll see.

N. Alysha Lewis

N. Alysha Lewis is an editor and blogger with author aspirations whose love can absolutely be bought with french fries.

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