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  • The sloth threw a fit. Did he move? No, not even a bit.
  • Twitter users threw a fit. X!? Are you kidding? What a twit!
  • The manager threw a fit. Was anything resolved? No, but into the umpire’s face he did spit.
  • The conspiracy theorists threw a fit. There’s no way all that was due to one bullet.
  • Anemia threw a fit. Why must I be known by the term, low hematocrit?
  • The balloon threw a fit and in the end just went pfft.
  • Mother Nature threw a fit. Hurricanes, storms, and wildfires—climate change was writing the planet’s obit.
  • Aniston and Jolie both threw a fit, venting their spleens at that darned Brad Pitt.
  • We threw a fit. We threw a fit. Now we’re out of the club; so there, that’s it.
  • In 1776, we Americans threw a fit. We won and so out with every last Brit.
  • The remodeling caused a fit. He’d not heard of words like mauve, newel post, and soffit.
  • The veterinarian threw a fit. He’d never learned in school how to treat a tomtit.
  • The communists threw a fit. We must do away with all this striving for profit.
  • The hefty piggy threw a fit. He knew he’d soon have a date with the barbecue pit.
  • The hungry birds threw a fit. Deep into winter… and still no suet.
  • The Grandmaster threw a fit, having been fooled once again by the Queen’s Gambit.
  • MTG threw a fit. The reason? Of course, it was Lauren Boebert.
  • Fudd threw a fit. Once again he had shot and missed that wascally wabbit.
  • In his grave did Shakespeare throw a fit; not understanding why Bacon got so much  credit.
  • Barbie and Ken threw a fit… outgrossed by the Oppenheimer biopic.
  • The chef tastes the dish and throws a fit. Yes, the salt he did omit.
  • Donald John threw a fit. Not one juror opted to acquit.
  • The toddler had a fit. For decorum she cared not a whit.
  • The “e” threw a fit, having been left off the end of the word, parasit.
  • Romy and Michelle had thrown a fit. Indeed, they had invented the Post-It.
  • The auctioneer threw a fit. The masterpiece had turned out to be a counterfeit.
  • The pilot threw a fit. His ex-wife had wandered into the cockpit.
  • The Professor threw a fit. For the assignment, all his students had Chat-GPTed it.
  • The poet had thrown a fit. Rejected, even after the editor invited him to submit.
  • The dog threw a fit. No treat, despite having complied with “Sit!”
  • The architect threw a fit. The laborers had forgotten the parapet.
  • The Israeli populace threw a fit. Netanyahu was monkeying with the Judiciate.
  • Again, the poet threw a fit. His work was for shit… so he decided to quit.
Dan Farkas

Dr. Daniel H. Farkas is a molecular pathologist who has published extensively and spoken on the topic internationally. Dan Farkas, on the other hand, is an itinerant New Yorker living just outside The D. His joys in life come from creative writing, photography, the music of his youth, his wife and kids, and sometimes the NY Rangers. #LGM

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