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When it comes to the beauty of the Fall season, few sights are as beautiful as the changing colors of the leaves in chilly autumn afternoons. Enjoying this harvest season to the fullest means being observant of the different hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves as they tumble to the ground, but it can be challenging to decide if you’re being extra attentive to autumn’s illustrious charms or just having symptoms of an impending quarter-life crisis.

Take this quiz to find out whether you love autumn leaves, or are just distracting yourself from crippling anxiety over the quality and direction of your life between your mid-20s and mid-30s!

1. Do you collect fall leaves that you find extra beautiful?

a) Always! No matter if it’s still hot out or sweater-and-Ugg-boots chilly outside, I count on collecting as much gorgeous crimson, coral, and golden fall foliage as possible before it disappears!

b) No. The decaying fallen leaves remind me of my pile of neverending adult responsibilities, as well as the lost dreams of my youth.

2. Do you know what makes fall leaves turn red?

a) Yeah, I looked it up online just for fun. Leaves that mainly contain the chemical anthocyanin will appear red.

b) I used to, back in college, when my only problem was how to pass my Plant Biology class. Ugh, WHY did I major in Biochemistry if I wasn’t going to attend med school?! Dammit!

3. How would you describe your emotions about autumn?

a) OMG I LOVE IT!!! The chill in the air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, delicious pumpkin spice lattes—fall makes me so happy!

b) Autumn is just a time of decay, the cold reinforcing my unending isolation and regret. My life’s almost over, soon I’ll be dust just like these old leaves rotting on the ground.

4. Do you go on day trips to take pictures of fall forests changing color?

a) Yes, it’s great to go on fall-foliage day trips. One time, my boyfriend and I drove all the way to Vermont just to see gorgeous autumn scenery!

b) It’s cheaper to lie in a pile of leaves and pretend that I’m dead.

5. Do you decorate your home with real or fake autumn leaves and/or decorations?

a) Well, even though the real leaves are gorgeous, I actually prefer those fake gourd things from Michael’s that I put in a bowl on the dining room table.

b) Oh GOD I just realized I’m almost FORTY! Where did the years go?! Ohmygod I’m SO OLD! What am I EVEN DOING?! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!


Mostly As:

You are a goddess of autumn! Adoring of the various vibrant hues in fall foliage, you can create a great time out of every single moment the fall season has to offer.

Mostly Bs:

It sounds like you’re just mulling over your past and having a quarter-life crisis. You probably don’t even notice how pretty the fall leaves are. Honestly, though? That’s pretty deep and inspiring! You do you, fall crisis queen!


Jenny Zaret

Jenny Zaret is a writer and instructional designer living in Maryland. She watches more than the recommended daily allowance of anime.

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